Hayliegh’s World

Today I am stress out as I recieved two w2’s w/ two diff SS#’s and my benifits could be stopped until this is resolved.  I do part time IHSS and they made the mistake and I have to clean up a mess that I have know idea how to do?

* I have called and shown up at SS admin

* I have called IHSS numeroius times and they pass the buck.

Hayliegh is holding steady and has had her meds and treats and is enjoying her restful day as I am stressed out.  If it wasn’t for her this world would be much harder to deal w/.

Hayliegh has the most souldful brown eyes capitvating everyone she meets.  I can be standing in line somewhere and if a man is in line and staring at her I say “don’t you wish she was a human she would be a knockout” and they say “yes” in a gentle humble manner.   It is as if they are memorized by her.

I love how she looks into my eyes while I am petting her it is as if she can see my soul.


2 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. Ellen Goodman Says:

    So sorry that you have to deal with such a mess with SS, Kim. I am looking for some time soon to call you, but in the meantime I sent you yesterday a newspaper article about a local dog and his owner.

    I can’t remember if I told you because I am so tired, but a couple who are very old friends of mine, Dick and Iona, who are now in their eighties have had a terrible winter. He has Parkinson’s and fell and broke his hip in February, so he was hospitalized, had partial hip replacement surgery, and then was in rehab for weeks. Now he’s home and doing much better but still needs a while longer to recover more. Meanwhile, also in February, his wife was having very bad pain in her groin, back, and legs, so she had an MRI and found out that she has cancer. They have two wonderful daughters who both live out of town, one in Boston and one in Washington, D.C. They’ve been coming frequently to help out because Iona–a wonderful cook–is too tired and can’t take care of Dick and the house without help. So friends have been cooking for them and the hospital has sent nurses, etc., to help Dick, and Iona has been having radiation treatments and infusions but is not yet out of pain. Her cancer is very treatable but until the radiation and medications really take hold, she is quite exhausted and in lots of pain. So I have been spending time there and cooking, staying with Dick while Iona gets her treatments, etc.

    This weekend, the English department at my college hosted a wonderful conference on the American Catholic writer, Flannery O’Connor, whose stories I love. I attend last night and all day today and had a wonderful time seeing many old friends and colleagues. But I get farther and farther behind on email because I have been so busy between friends and Dick and Iona and Bob, Naama, and Ami, and my doctors and Dave’s vet.

    Dave’s ultrasound showed that thank goodness he does not have cancer. But since he is losing red blood cells as fast as he makes them, the vet things that he has an auto-immune disease. It’s kind of funny, since celiac disease is also an auto-immune disease, so we have similar problems. The treatment is to give him a kitty version of prednisone, a mild steroid. My vet told me to get a kind of pill cover at the pet store in which you wrap the pill in this edible cover and the pet just gobbles up the pill. It’s great because Dave takes his predisone without any prompting.

    Also, I’ve been to my eye doctor several times because I have a cataract in my left eye that has recently gotten much worse, so I have a very hard time with night vision while driving. I am now scheduled for cataract surgery next Thursday. I had cataract surgery in my right eye several years ago, and it is a miraculously easy procedure, but I know have higher medical bills facing me because of the expense of Dave’s blood tests and ultrasound and the eye drops I will need to take before and after my cataract procedure. So I’ll have to be even more careful with money than usual for the next month or so.

    But it is almost spring here, which is always exciting. I have a new amaryllis bud on my amaryllis plant and after two years have my first geranium bud on my geranium. I love my houseplants and so am thrilled to watch the flowers develop.

    Take care, Kim. I have to go to bed very early because the day was so long today, though I had a wonderful time.

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