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Chloe’s World

November 7, 2015
Watching me closely

Watching me closely

This was interesting for me to witness how Chloe new I had a migraine and I had to give myself an injection of Imitrex because the dissolving Maxalt was not working. We met my mom at the hospital and waited for my dad’s outcome from back surgery. We sat with my mom and normally Chloe goes crazy happy because she knows my mom. Well this time she looked at my mom and came right next to me then got in my lap and just nestled there for a good hour. As the medication kicked in, she seemed to be more relaxed and less stressed about my health. Than she lied on the floor. My last service Hayliegh knew migraines too.  #servicedogs #hiddendisabilities

Good job Chloe!

Severe Pain suffering

February 18, 2014

I am frustrated when people offer opinions about not agreeing with the use of pain medications and they don’t suffer in pain.  My pain is off the charts. If it wasn’t for my belief in God and pain medication, and the use of service dog I wouldn’t be able to tolerate my life.


I am frustrated that people mention holistic health and healers. Please!


I still do holist measures in terms of minerals and herbs and chiropractic and have done extreme alternative holistic health care and it left me broke. Some things help.


I used to feel guilty about taking pain medication due to those haunting voices I used to say to myself “They could be bad for me” or the voices of others saying “I don’t agree with medications and what they can do to you.” I had no choice when I couldn’t walk for three months at a time. It was death or pain medications. I had to find a way to cope and accept. I realized that God gave us biochemist to design medications to help give us humans comfort to make it through challenging diseases. Most of us on medications wished we didn’t have to take them, but the alternative isn’t pretty.


I pray and meditate throughout my day. I hang onto God every second just to get through. When people claim healing through spiritual measures, it just left me feeling more depressed. God made us human and some of us will have to “Endure” health issues. The key is to find acceptance. Finding a way to walk through the suffering by being a blessing to others. Handling it with grace just enough to stand in dignity and tolerance of one’s own reflection.  


I hope this makes sense as I am beyond pain.

The best way to help those in chronic pain is to ask “What can I do for you.” Pray for the person to make it through their time in need and give lots of empathy. I have a friend I call when the disease gets this bad and in her matter of fact tone she say “You are powerless just accept it!”

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