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Chloe’s World

October 27, 2014

This is about an amazing story of a service dog in action. Chloe and I went shopping at Walmart. After shopping, I went to my car and my key was gone. It has fallen off the leash. I saw our friend Dave an employee and asked him to watch Chloe and my cart, so I could go inside and find the key. In the meantime, Dave was looking through my groceries to see if he could find my key. I came back out of the store and Dave holds this key which looks like a lighter. I said I thought it could be in the cart, but had to take action inside the store just in case. Dave said Kim “Chloe found it.” He was amazed she had pulled him to an area under the shopping cart pointing with her nose. He picks up the bag of groceries where her nose is at and there it is my key.


It blew his mind because he knows what service dogs can do, but to witness it is cool. I am glad that people can see what she does. It is a blessing.


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