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Now It Is Stated Regarding Service Animals.

January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King day!

Many people living with hidden disabilities are being discriminated against daily.

“Hiddendisabilities” last post on was a reaction to the first “Dog Walking Area” I shared how all my rights are being denied under Fair Housing. The second message arrived on my door January 15, 2015.  ANIMALS This is not okay under any fair housing where disabled people live. The other concern is under HUD can pets be taken away from seniors?



Hidden Disabilities

September 26, 2014

Okay I am bummed out! I know that my health condition causes me lots of low situations. I can only take so much. Two good days and now flat lined with severe acute stomach pain and swelling. Now I am using a neighbor’s walker “REALLY!” I called the doc for a walker with a seat, so I can sit every few steps, when needed.

I just got over a month of bacterial infection and being house bound.

Being angry about this is healthy because the only way through is through. Blocking my feelings would mean denial. Thank you for listening. I have a grateful list, so that I can remember what I have in life, and what matters.

Cocoa and her mom

April 17, 2013

Cocoa and her mom

Cocoa and Mickey.

Cocoa looks like a little toy schnauzer and Mickey is the owner / mother. Little cocoa has been shaking her head and one of her ears is hot pink and swollen inside. Mickey has been stressed about the cost that could be incurred due to veterinarian costs.
The Hayliegh Project stepped in and called Paw’s in San Diego to ask for assistance w/ her dog and seeing a veterinarian. We are hoping after speaking w/ Paws that Mickey will have her dog at a vet this week to make sure her dog is okay or best treated.

Thank you to Paw’s for helping people on special incomes to feed their animal’s and be treated.


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