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Chronic Fatigue Immune Disease

May 26, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Immune Disease (CFID) it isn’t fun, but it is my life. The only way through is acceptance with out internal self pressure. Sometimes my mind competes with myself saying, “I used to be able to do this or that,” and then I compare myself with what others can do. This is short because typing and cognition is difficult. May we honor our truth and love ourselves in the process.DSCF7699 (2)

Chloe’s World

January 22, 2015

Chloe watching over me at doctors then she thought she would drive me home!


Chloe’s World

September 26, 2014

Chloe saw some pumpkins and asked if she could have a picture with them, and her mom (me) said yes!


Chloe’s World

August 10, 2014

Okay so I have been working hard on my project on my laptop which is on my lap. Chloe puppy dog wanting attention in-between my mission. She doesn’t know she is on this mission too. Here she is trying to present a toy over the top of my laptop. WOOF!

Chloe is trying to make me take breaks.!

Chloe is trying to make me take breaks.!

Chloe’s World and The Hayliegh Project

May 24, 2014
Here it is and it is beautiful! Mr. Craig Herrera Meteorologist/Reporter reported for channel 10 mews filmed and reported this lovely story about us! I hope you enjoy it as much as it touched me.
The Humphrey’s law group ADA, Lodi California assisted in the bringing the truth to justice! The Hayliegh Project helping people with their civil rights!
Assistance dog fight: ‘It’s been a rough ride’

Chloe’s World

May 8, 2014

Chloe's World

Chloe passed another of her socialization tests the big and crowded DMV. Mom lost her Driver’s License, so with appointment on schedule we were in and out in thirty minutes “Can you believe that!” Chloe was calm she stood right by my side not a peep or a pull! Woof

Chloe’s world

March 22, 2014




Chloe is discovering new granimals like a cat his name is Romeo she is obsessed with figuring him out!  She has already found this  little square whole how she makes it through I will never know?  Linus and Taylor are well behaved and loving dogs and love being loved up. They aren’t spoiled like Chloe, right! There are birds talk about interesting Chloe keeps checking them out “Tweet tweet!“.  

Day two “The lowdown” we got two walks in first one saw road kill a rabbit not pretty and really hard when two strong dogs think it might interesting to dig in! Used all my body strength to keep them out of it. New route we are going around the water tower in Mount Helix it is a nice quite route and no road kill.  

The home where I am staying is filled with loving memories of all their family and friends. The couple are warm and generous.  It turns out the wife Marcia and I have share the same birthday, cool!  I tried their Bullet it is great! Going to invest in one.for myself.  I have been enjoying spinach and berry protein smoothies with Chia (I use in water daily) and Flaxseed. Yummy!





Chloe’s World

February 14, 2014

Chloe's World

FYI I am handicap in the written word not the spoken word if there are any imperfections know that the mission is my passion.
Inside Edition just aired a piece about “Faking service dogs.” There was a scene about a man at an airport with his so called “Service dog!” it lunge out at a man who happened to be a dentist. Point is service dogs do not do that! Fast forward the inside edition host said it takes two years to train a service dog not “Always” true. There are two avenues one is the conventional way and the other is the private way.

Two year programs costs thousands of dollars and if I am correct it can cost up to 6, 000. Plus? Trained to help disabled person like the blind or wheelchair bound people with special needs. There are many of us with special needs who need the use of a service dog, but don’t need a dog who went through a two year program. Many of us special needs who cannot afford thousands of dollars to have a service dog or wait for one.

The unconventional way would mean having a service dog, having it perform in public with proper edict, and be trained to do a service or services for the person living with disabilities. Whether they are visual or hidden.

With this said a service dog cannot show any signs of aggressive behaviors whether it is lunging at people, barking by disturbing patrons or eating off floors in public places. NOTE they cannot eat in a restaurant!

My puppy “Chloe” I choose her carefully I had to make sure we had a special eye connection along with her temperament. Both characteristics had to match in order for us to work together at home and out in public.

My point for writing this is that people pulling off scams / falsifying a service dog are hurting those of us who are living lives with hidden disabilities and the use of a service dog. It isn’t fair! Not all of us living with physical disabilities are in wheelchairs.

Service Dogs And Hidden Disabilities

August 2, 2013



me and Chloe

This is an old article written about hidden disabilities and the use of a service dog and receiving a service dog tag, which recognize a person in need of their service dog. (Excuse edits)

I am on a mission can you please approve of this post for people with hidden disabilities and the use of a service
I am beside myself as this is about having a service dog and who gets to decide who receives a service dog tag and who doesn’t get a tag.  I just lost my cocker spaniel service dog after thirteen and half years. She filled many needs in my life as recognized by my physicians and veterinarian.

I am starting a new journey with my new rescue pup. I filled out the forms from my local animal control. I sent a portion of my bio about what my previous service dog and I had accomplished over the years of hard work. The information is on my business card about “the Hayliegh project” which helps people with hidden disabilities find solutions concerning physical needs and their civil rights. Google Kimberly Ryan San Diego canine companions about how Hayliegh became my service dog and how instinctively assisted me. We also landed on the cover of the San Diego pet magazine which discussed my manuscript regarding hidden disabilities and discrimination.

I don’t understand the Hayliegh project has helped establish other people make their dogs as service dogs both elderly due to hearing and others with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and mental illness. Although I don’t look disabled I live in special housing because of my disease. I chose to eat well and take excellent care of my body. This creates a lot of hostility causing excessive discrimination for me. My reasons for being disabled are not visible but once again I feel that I am being discriminated against.

My new puppy Chloe is in training as a service dog. She has already performed tasks for me by alerting me when I shouldn’t go outside, when my disease is in full flare. We are attending star pup classes and other classes. She has already retrieved medication for me. Next we will work on the phone. Both my veterinarian and physicians have seen us together and approve of her as my service dog due to the severity of my disease.

The truth is that I want to scream so loud that is painful to hold in. I keep repeating to myself “are you kidding me!” I pay the price daily from having a disease that is torturing and acutely devastating to my life. And I am not alone.

It has been so devastating that suicide has crossed both myself and many friends I have met via blog sites. The blog sites have given me and many others a place to voice our pain and depression. My sister became sick with this condition and recently took her life. I can’t blame her as being riddled with auto immune and connective tissue disease is devastating to live with.

With all this shared I cannot believe that the local animal control where I live will not grant me a service dog tag. People with other hidden disabilities like autism, ptsd, mental issues, epilepsy, and brain injuries can have a service dog. And I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue immune disease which run rapid through my body daily. I suffer in the most acute severe pain that leaves me on many days where I cannot do life.

My doctors are upset and writing letters on my behalf regarding my disease and the benefits of having a service dog. I am entitled to a service dog discount at my vet’s office but because San Diego animal control refused to give me a tag, they resisted me the discount until today, as they know the value and assistance both physically and emotionally that my new service dog pup has brought to my life.

I have been in touch with the ADA and they are upset with my situation. They know the value and assistance my last service dog gave me and the work I am doing with my new service pup.

Under ADA federal law any dog can be a service dog to anyone disabled as long as the dog services a need and meets certain requirements.

I ask everyone to please approve this post please share it on your wall as hidden disabilities need a voice and support.


Chloe’s World

July 25, 2013


Getting caught up with life and Chloe. She takes up most my time and is dealing with weeks now of diarrhea. I have been praying about this asking God “What can I do for her?” She doesn’t go out of turn only the usual times, but is it runny. I can see why going on walks maybe causing her pain. I called Solid Gold nutritionist on hand and she mentioned Digestive Enzymes (DE) as her tummy is over taxed from all the antibiotics she has been on for months now. She is still on some antibiotics for a few more days. I started the D E tonight and will give her some before her dessert tonight.


I know with all my heart that she will pull through thrive and have a full life. In the meantime I just lie low and love her up.


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