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Chronic Fatigue Immune Disease

May 26, 2015

Chronic Fatigue Immune Disease (CFID) it isn’t fun, but it is my life. The only way through is acceptance with out internal self pressure. Sometimes my mind competes with myself saying, “I used to be able to do this or that,” and then I compare myself with what others can do. This is short because typing and cognition is difficult. May we honor our truth and love ourselves in the process.DSCF7699 (2)

Now It Is Stated Regarding Service Animals.

January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King day!

Many people living with hidden disabilities are being discriminated against daily.

“Hiddendisabilities” last post on was a reaction to the first “Dog Walking Area” I shared how all my rights are being denied under Fair Housing. The second message arrived on my door January 15, 2015.  ANIMALS This is not okay under any fair housing where disabled people live. The other concern is under HUD can pets be taken away from seniors?


October 14, 2013

Jennifer Jensen did an awesome job giving a voice to people with hidden disabilities and service dogs.


Since she has air my story I was on a walk with my friend and my service dog pup “Chloe.”  We went into a fast food Mexican restaurant and I was denied access because they did not believe Chloe was my service dog. She didn’t have a vest and if she had a service dog tag on her collar we would have been accepted. At 8 months old she is already in perfect form. 



Hayiegh’s World

April 8, 2011

Praying daily and now adding a new prayer to the list I have asked God to take Hayliegh sooner than later.  I pray that He take her so she doesn’t have to suffer as she has been such a good girl.  I have started to share w/ Hayliegh the freedom to let go.  I am sharing w/ her daily that when I cry it is because I love her and that I have been blessed to have her.  Whether at home or driving I talk to her and share w/ her the wonderful blessings she has given me like: Waking me up when I need medicine, keeping me from going out side when a migraine is going to hit, how she warns me when fibromyalgia is going to attack my stomach. 

I tell her daily that she is the best girl in town,  the prettiest girl in town and its love in the first degree. I love this expression as I go to a child like tone and drag out the last word and then say “You’re my partner in crime” and my friend Jori goes into the same child like voice and responds by saying “and you guys are criminals”     

I feel blessed to have this time to show her and remind her how special she is.   

SOMETHING different happened last night Hayliegh crawled up on my stomach put her paws at my chest and looked right into my eyes.  She wanted to kiss me and give me little love bit on my top lip as if to say  thank you for loving me.

It is love in the 1st degree WOOF!

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