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Handicap Parking Spaces

June 14, 2016

How come so many people are violating tenant parking spaces and Handicap Parking spaces in HUD buildings?


Tonight I witnessed a car receive a parking ticket because the car was parked in a Handicap space illegally. I decided to sit, watch, and wait. I was intrigued to see what the person would do when they arrived to their ticketed car. Well, I see a lady with her family walking to her car she buckles up her kids, and away she goes….I literally followed her by chance because it just so happened she was traveling in my direction.


What is the fine for parking illegally in a Handicap space in San Diego California and what is the fine when you drive off and may loose a ticket you don’t see on your window?


Starting Detox to Kill Anaerobic Bacteria From Hospital

September 7, 2015



Reason for detox is I ended up with a multiple of bacterial infections in my body after major surgery. I fear getting sick repeatedly and hospital visits. People say, “Have faith” or “You will get through this.” I have been through misery for 6 months now and it doesn’t seem to end with that said I will be doing an Oxy cleans. The cleanse will kill all Candida and anaerobic bacteria from surgery. It can keep resurfacing inside my body and become resistant to antibiotics.I mentally having to prep my mind around a major detox I am doing.  I keep telling myself if I can make it through the major surgery and everything I have been through I can do this.

First day on detox. Take on empty stomach, then wait three hours no food at all after three hours. Take a liquid Oxy and wait 30 minutes to eat. Repeats process three hours later around dinnertime or, before bed on empty stomach.

  • Finished Pilates Machine workout and had a yummy kale, grapefruit and pine nut salad.

Chloe’s World

January 22, 2015

Chloe watching over me at doctors then she thought she would drive me home!


Now It Is Stated Regarding Service Animals.

January 19, 2015

Martin Luther King day!

Many people living with hidden disabilities are being discriminated against daily.

“Hiddendisabilities” last post on was a reaction to the first “Dog Walking Area” I shared how all my rights are being denied under Fair Housing. The second message arrived on my door January 15, 2015.  ANIMALS This is not okay under any fair housing where disabled people live. The other concern is under HUD can pets be taken away from seniors?


Chloe’s World

October 16, 2014

Tuesday Chloe was diagnosed again with her non contagious mange. We spent an hour and half at vets then 3 hours at school and I am spent. Chloe isn’t even as closely ill as she was like she was the past year. It is just heart retching to know she has to go on medications and soaking baths once a week for ten minutes.

Two days now watching movies with my girl. We have gotten lost in a classic “Anne of Green Gables.” I have all three of the series. This is what I do to get past the CFID.




Chloe’s world

October 3, 2014

Chloe saw Halloween candy, yummy! I had to say “No!” I did let her take a picture with all the candy. Chloe asked for a toy and I said “Yes!” We broke the rules and started playing in line while waiting to check out at the store.



Chloe’s World

September 20, 2014

We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. The antibiotics have kicked in and it feels great. Chloe and I helped a dear friend get to her doctor appointment and CVS. Chloe and I waited at the Vons next store. They have a clean patio area to wait and watch people come and go.

While waiting we met Courtney who works for Vons. Courtney was so kind she offered Chloe H2O while we were waiting for our friend to finish up at CVS. ChloeDSCF6323DSCF6322 also had lots to say today in her doggie language.

FYI: We did find out that Vons and Albertsons have been bought out and are merging. As they say more shall be revealed.

Chloe’s World and The Hayliegh Project

May 24, 2014
Here it is and it is beautiful! Mr. Craig Herrera Meteorologist/Reporter reported for channel 10 mews filmed and reported this lovely story about us! I hope you enjoy it as much as it touched me.
The Humphrey’s law group ADA, Lodi California assisted in the bringing the truth to justice! The Hayliegh Project helping people with their civil rights!
Assistance dog fight: ‘It’s been a rough ride’

Chloe’s World

February 14, 2014

Chloe's World

FYI I am handicap in the written word not the spoken word if there are any imperfections know that the mission is my passion.
Inside Edition just aired a piece about “Faking service dogs.” There was a scene about a man at an airport with his so called “Service dog!” it lunge out at a man who happened to be a dentist. Point is service dogs do not do that! Fast forward the inside edition host said it takes two years to train a service dog not “Always” true. There are two avenues one is the conventional way and the other is the private way.

Two year programs costs thousands of dollars and if I am correct it can cost up to 6, 000. Plus? Trained to help disabled person like the blind or wheelchair bound people with special needs. There are many of us with special needs who need the use of a service dog, but don’t need a dog who went through a two year program. Many of us special needs who cannot afford thousands of dollars to have a service dog or wait for one.

The unconventional way would mean having a service dog, having it perform in public with proper edict, and be trained to do a service or services for the person living with disabilities. Whether they are visual or hidden.

With this said a service dog cannot show any signs of aggressive behaviors whether it is lunging at people, barking by disturbing patrons or eating off floors in public places. NOTE they cannot eat in a restaurant!

My puppy “Chloe” I choose her carefully I had to make sure we had a special eye connection along with her temperament. Both characteristics had to match in order for us to work together at home and out in public.

My point for writing this is that people pulling off scams / falsifying a service dog are hurting those of us who are living lives with hidden disabilities and the use of a service dog. It isn’t fair! Not all of us living with physical disabilities are in wheelchairs.

Chloe’s World

February 12, 2014



Chloe is now retrieving my nightly medications. It has been a great help because there are many nights I cannot remember if I have taken them. Our next journey is to discern the difference between pain medications and sleeping medication. Woof!


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