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My book “The Secret Life of Hidden Disabilities”

October 15, 2017

Thank you to the UFCW local 135 “The Worker” August 2017 news letter and Communications Director Lori Kern for interviewing me and my book. This last year I had to returned to the union as I do yearly for my pension papers. Lori and I met while I was in lobby with Chloe by my side.  We spoke about me helping a friend with her dog becoming a service dog.

Well a week later, I receive this awesome call that from Lori asking me if she could interview on me and about my book since I had been a retail food clerk and now a retiree. I was beyond elated, and happy, and said, “Yes!”




July 9, 2013

The Hayliegh Project

Great news today The Hayliegh Project intervened for my client his name is Scotty. Scotty is a retired veteran living on his retirement. He spends his days helping other seniors, working out and does service volunteering at his local Animal shelter. Scotty came to me with a problem his local cable network had been sending him letters stating he owed 459.00 dollars after he had canceled his contract with them They also started threatening his credit. I said to him that The Hayliegh Project could help him. He was skeptical at first, but had nothing to lose, so he handed over his paperwork and I got going. Today with the help of The Hayliegh Project the problem has been resolved and he will be receiving a statement sayin that his bill will reveal a Zero balance and his credit will remain intact.

</p Max is Scotty's canine companion

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