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Histamine attacks & LDN

June 1, 2019

I have been on Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for many years for my fibro & arthritis pain and it has worked wonders. Now I am fighting urticaria, which turns into infected rashes. Doc said my antibodies are attacking me. If correct LDN stimulates my immune system? Does this mean if I stay on LDN & will it cause my body / antibodies to attack me more? Big question do I go off it and suffer horrific pain from all my arthritis and fibro? I have been off LDN about a week for some tests and my pain is beyond.

My Doc shared that I cannot be properly tested for histamine attacks or Mast Cell because I have to live on 1 to 5 antihistamines daily.  She said to test correctly I would have to go off all antihistamines for a week before testing & she doesn’t want me to go off antihistamines and end up in serious trouble.  I am glad she is watching over me.


My book “The Secret Life of Hidden Disabilities”

October 15, 2017

Thank you to the UFCW local 135 “The Worker” August 2017 news letter and Communications Director Lori Kern for interviewing me and my book. This last year I had to returned to the union as I do yearly for my pension papers. Lori and I met while I was in lobby with Chloe by my side.  We spoke about me helping a friend with her dog becoming a service dog.

Well a week later, I receive this awesome call that from Lori asking me if she could interview on me and about my book since I had been a retail food clerk and now a retiree. I was beyond elated, and happy, and said, “Yes!”



Hayliegh’s World

April 21, 2011

Letting them flow.  I started listening to music of love and thought of Hayliegh.  As I sat at my computer today I started to feel myself well up I just felt like I needed to cry over my beloved Hayliegh.  I sat quietly and asked God what do I  do?  I could try and be strong and hold them back and then suddenly as clear as and bright as the sun shines, I realised that tears are apart of strength.  I got up off my chair and put myself on the floor in front of Hayliegh and sobbed sharing w/ her how much she has graced my life.  She looked a deep into my soul w/ her soulful brown eyes as she gave me doggie kisses.

I have decided that I will spend everyday singing love songs to her.  The beautiful thing is she doesn’t care that I cannot sing she just loves that I love her.

Today we choose Train “marry me” it happened to be one of the many songs that touched my soul.  I will be singing songs from Seal, Leanne Womack “I hope you dance”, Van Morrison “someone like you”, and all the other songs I own.

We are checking into a harness, so that I can aid Hayliegh w/ her daily life.  The doggie wheelchair may not be worth the cost due to her failing health.  they run 300. plus.  I appreciated the sales man I spoke w/ today he honest about my dogs condition and didn’t if spending the $ for her would be worth spending.  I appreciated his honesty instead of just trying to sell me a product.   I have put a call out to my vet and will discuss what she thinks tomorrow.

Woof rest now.

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