You don’t look disabled!

I thought I cannot be the only one who I wrote manuscript about the controvercy of what disabled people are suppose to look like. I thought I cannot be the only one. Many of us are tired of being put down or disregarded because you cannot see what is happening to us. Sites like patientlikeme, & many sites on facebook want to be heard.
Whether I park in handicap, shop w/my dog, or out and about. People seem to feel that because they have the thought they have the right to make comments at me such as; “that parking is for handicap”, “Why do you have the dog”, or I here 100’s of strangers say to their friends “She is training the dog”? When asked what am I a training the dog for and I share “she is mine” they look puzzled. Many say “your not disabled” they don’t know my pain, or what it has taken to get out the door that day. I was working out one day when a woman asked me why I was working out if I am disabled and I said “I am not dead yet”! She for a quick moment looked dazzed and confused while she stood their thinking about what I just said she then responded “good for you”.

I also share the ups and downs of how to get through the SS system, the how to’s w/ doctors, and the benifts of having a service dog and how to have your own dog.


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