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I feel sick to my stomach because I stood up for those of us living with service dogs (SD) in a HUD building requesting our SD deductions. The management company doesn’t like that I sought out legal help, so now I will be bullied and picked on.
ME, a neighbor left a bag at my door on the railing and the manger knocked on my door pointing at it requesting what it was. How come everyone else can leave things and not have anything said to them?
Tenants can have cases of water delivered and sitting in the hallways, newspapers lying on the floor waiting to be taken in. Tenants leave their walkers in hallways and no one says a word. A tenant left dog mess on the main sidewalk to the handicap door and nothing said.

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Guess what another misnomer! DSCF7110

The Property Management Company where I live, has now said, “The expenses” I have incurred over the past year for my service animal are not included in their calculation of my rent.  Needless to say, I was speechless. I new I needed help fast. I contacted my dear friend Patti Doyle. She lives here also and is waging her own battle with terminal cancer and her civil rights.  I called Legal Aid Society.  I spoke to a fair housing expert and she is guiding me through the process. Here  are the guidelines.


Question 1: What is considered an “assistance animal?” If someone brings a prescription for an animal to lower blood pressure, or for depression or emotional well-being, do we then consider this an assistance animal? Do we then allow for vet bills on those animals in an elderly/disabled household?
Answer 1: An assistance animal is one that works, provides assistance, or performs tasks for the benefit of…

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3 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. Becky Says:

    Hi Kim, I’m so sorry that you have to go through all this. But it sounds like you really have done your research and know the law. I wish you all the luck with your battle with your property management company. They certainly don’t sound like animal lovers either.
    I wanted to reach out to you when I saw your comment on I tried to leave a comment there but it wouldn’t let me.
    How did you train your service dog to alert for when fibro is attacking your stomach. I have huge problems with that myself. It ranges from nausea/vomiting to severe stomach pain to just not being able to eat. I never know when symptoms will appear or how long they will last. At it’s worst I lost about 75 lbs in 6 months. I’ve had every test imaginable and they finally blamed it on the fibro. I’d love to be able to train one of my dogs or get a dog who has been bred for these skills. It would be such a big help to know when an attack is coming on. Thank you, Becky.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      Hi Beck,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog greatly appreciated.

      My last cocker Hayliegh became my service dog. She woke me up to go the hospital for migraines. She was 6months old. I thought Fibro, CFIS and migraines must release a chemical like seizures. As the year passed I had already been in puppy AKC classes. Then took Service Dog edict classes for service animals. She started showing me behaviors right before the pain would hit in my back, and stomach due to Fibro. She also retrieves nightly meds so I don’t forget.

      I knew when she passes within a week I found another pup Chloe to start working with me. I looked for a pup who wanted my approval and a good temperament. Temperament that was not startled by noises, kids and other animals.

      The day I pick up Chloe I put her in the car and started my own signaling she is so responsive. She just loves to learn.

      Becky, Have you started to notice any of your dogs at least one of them that seems to be reacting certain ways when something flares up? If so how old, how is temperament? It takes a lot of work mostly 100% consistency daily.

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Becky, forgot to mention the Pilates Machine. I purchased an Aero Pilates Machine it has a rebounder trampoline. The trampoline is a lying down to prevent injury on joints. Bought on Best price I think in town.

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