Hidden Disabilities

Okay I am bummed out! I know that my health condition causes me lots of low situations. I can only take so much. Two good days and now flat lined with severe acute stomach pain and swelling. Now I am using a neighbor’s walker “REALLY!” I called the doc for a walker with a seat, so I can sit every few steps, when needed.

I just got over a month of bacterial infection and being house bound.

Being angry about this is healthy because the only way through is through. Blocking my feelings would mean denial. Thank you for listening. I have a grateful list, so that I can remember what I have in life, and what matters.


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4 Responses to “Hidden Disabilities”

  1. melisdvash Says:

    I hope you feel better soon

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Thank you melisdvash for your kind words. Today was a better, just tired from all the pain and the meds. Worked on project and went to the community college to check out were my class will be. Oh ya, forgot to mention starting a class once a week on publishing a book to Amazon.

  3. Scotty Smith Says:

    Just read this after I got off the phone with you. So sorry your going through all this pain. Hope you can make your classes.

  4. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Thank you Scotty for all you have done to help me and Chloe. 🙂

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