Chloe’s World


What can I say about the job of a service dog, my Chloe! She has been patient staying in doors with me and keeps loving me up. Yesterday I started crying after weeks of being sick. Chloe came to me and kissed my tears from my face. Then she went and got a toy from her basket to share with me. We are being patient and continue to believe in everything there is a gift. Woof!

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2 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. Richard Oddyb Says:

    Kimberly, Cocoa & I have been through everything you are going through when I moved here they demanded a Drs note for me to have a dog period. Then i had to pay $95 deposit (Refundable) plus get him Neutered before he was even allowed to live with me.

    So we were separated for 2 months after going through their BS, so after we were in and settled i got hospitalized for 10 days the young man i entrusted Cocoa to did not follow my instructions and allowed everyone in the building to pet Cocoa

    Which set back his training but, i got him back on track however people started complaining and did not believe Cocoa was a service dog because of his tiny breed. I filed for the US Service Dog Registry for free, paid $50 fot the ID, Tag, & Certificate

    Showed it to the main office and that was it they cannot just walk into my Apt. tenants are instructed to leave us alone I walk him on the property and pick up behind him.

    Please Kimberly for you & Chloe get the ID it helps a lot.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      Thank you Richard for sharing your story. How awful to have had to entrust someone to watch your dog and they befriended you. I found out if I go to the hospital I can bring Chloe, usually the hospital volunteers come and take her out. If I had to stay for many days I would bring Chloe. Pack her food and ask a few friends to stop by or usually the hospital wants us to start moving I would get Chloe moving by taking Chloe outside.

      Next time take Cocoa to hospital if you can it is your right,she needs you. As a service dog hospitals get that. Unless you are in ICU. Then have someone bring your dog and the food she needs so you can feed her and use the physical therapy by taking her out. I know that no one would keep to the rigid / spoiled plan Chloe and do every day.

      Thank so much for posting and know we are thinking of you, woof

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