Chloe’s World

Chloe's World

Chloe and I need big prayers

I just got home from vets office. I took Chloe in because her lymph nodes are swollen from her chest to the back of her thighs. One of three options virus, bacterial or lymphatic cancer. The vet didn’t want to tell me. We both were upset. My Vet knows all the work I have done with Chloe and her training to be my service dog.

Please God let it be one of the first two. I am not ready for anything else.


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6 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. Donna Says:

    Praying for the best out come !!!!! It’s all gonna be fine…..

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      All I can say is I am freaking out. She is my world and has helped me so much in this short time we have spent together. The next 2 – 3 day are big for me. I just want to be near her. I always want her need her near me.

  2. Julie Says:

    Praying for you an Chloe. Hugs and love to you both.

  3. goodlady Says:

    Thanks for all these great posts, Kim. You and Chloe sure make a wonderful team. Sending you big hugs.

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