Hidden Disabilities


What is worse than being bullied?

It is being bullied by another so called “Disabled person.” Why should they get away with this destructive behavior? Because I am not in a wheelchair and don’t LOOK disabled gives them no right to judge me out loud.

How come a bully sees a nice person as weak. A bully takes their anger out on people.

I rent a special apartment for people who have special needs. I have been harshly discriminated against by other disabled people who live on the property. They are some of the rudest and crudest people I wish I had never met. One woman who lives on the property and uses a wheelchair is one of the meanest bullies on the block.

Bully: one who hurts or intimidates others.

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2 Responses to “Hidden Disabilities”

  1. Patricia K Doyle Says:

    Bulling anyone, let alone a handicapped or disabled person, is pathetic! How could you possibly derive any pleasure by hurting someone with verbal abuse? S ticks and stones can break bones.
    Bullying breaks the spirit and soul. As adults, we teach our children
    about bullying. Some of the adults are much worse. Take notice
    BULLYS! You just might pick the wrong person!

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    What makes it painful for me is that I was raised to respect my elders and others. When someone living in a wheelchair is telling me I need to “Get a grip on your pain, or you need to get a life,” is insanity. Here I am respecting the person in the wheelchair while they are bullying at the same time.

    It used to cause me to freeze like being paralyzed in my tracks. Now my eyes are open and I can see the truth. I don’t need to make it right by people who are bullying bad. I can say NO!

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