Regenerating a story for those of us struggling with “Hidden disabilities” and the use of a service dog. San Diego Animal Control is saying they recognize those with hidden disabilities and we don’t need a Cal assistant dog tag. Question who is getting a tag and I am not? My Chloe is NOT a “Comfort” dog she is being trained as a “Service dog” for a PHYSICAL DISABILITY. She meets San Diego qualifications as she is providing a service that benefits my medical safety by alerting me when I need help and retrieves items and medication.

This Service dog tag has gotten out of control making it hard for those of us who are in “Need of service dog tag and suffer in silence!”

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Disabled woman upset over service dog tags
A San Carlos woman contacted 10News after she says the San Diego County Department of Animal Services is refusing to recognize her dog as an assistance dog. Kimberly Ryan has disabilities that may not be…

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  1. Patricia K Doyle Says:

    Why do “we” with disabilities, (I have Cancer) have to prove we are ill and need help? I sure did not ask to have terminal cancer, nor did I create these physical disabilities that prevent me from living a full physical life. We are denied such simple help with such horrible pain and suffering.

  2. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    Here’s the legal skinny. They made that law about the tag before the ADA but NOT the tag itself. When the ADA was passed it meant no tags could be required of a fully trained service dog (who falls under federal law) and they just gave up on the tags (not even thinking much about the people who would be owner training) but didn’t take it off the books. Dogs in training are another matter altogether because they fall under California law and not federal law. Essentially the law says for dogs in training to have the tag but since the actual tag was never ordered or made (I have the specs thanks to the guide dog board)…any tag anyone might come up with isn’t really the legal tag anyway. Hence no tags can be required of dogs in training either technically.

    I try to get the tags for dogs in training even they aren’t the legal ones to show a good faith effort to follow the law and to also be in compliance with dog licencing requirements all in the same shot. But since fully trained dogs don’t need a tag by federal law and there is no legal tag under California law available per the specs- I fight any conception that any particular tag makes a dog “legal”. For a long time I had only tags that I had made saying the dog was in training or a service dog that were as just as legal as anything the local animal control would or would not give me. A free “regular” licence was just as good. And I can and did call the police when a place would try to deny me based on a tag.

    So, are they saying Chloe is not in training or that no service dogs in training require the tags. If that is so then WHY do they still have that on the books? Or are they saying that Chloe is a fully trained dog even though you designate her as in training? Exactly what are they saying?

    This is a widespread problem that has happened to me personally. Animal Control departments sometimes want to play god (Such as the San Joaquin County Animal Control and the one where I live now). They want to decide who is or is not worthy of having a service dog and they want to decide which breed is or is not worthy to BE a service dog. Anyone training their own service dog and especially of a breed that has a bad public perception is subject to this little game they want to play. The California law does not allow them this decision but they try to take it anyway.

    In the end if they have tags that they designate as service dog tags and are giving them out to others, then all who fall under those requirements should be given the tags who ask for them. This is still discrimination if they are “playing favorites” with the law that they are supposedly giving out these tags under. Chloe was not given a tag, refused a tag, so if you can come up with even one person that was given such a tag….they’re busted.

    Me? I document my effort to get such a tag and if they tell me no I have to pay for a reg licence, I just say fine. If they don’t want me to have the legal tag I am entitled to, ok whatever I”m too busy for this crap, but I am NOT paying for one. So I run around without the tags (but I ALWAYS have ones I have made on my dog). Always & eventually you will have some dealing with them…a neighbors gets bent because the dog once in it’s life ventures onto the corner of their property and pees or something. Then animal control wants the tag. Tag? What tag? I don’t have a tag because YOU people told me I couldn’t have one. Regular paid for tag? Are you kidding me? I’m not paying for a tag…the law says I don’t have to. So we’re back to YOU refusing to give me a legal tag.

    So they prepare to write me a ticket. And depending on my mood I either do or do not disclose that I documented my attempt to get the special tag and I am actually thrilled they are writing a ticket that I will then refuse to comply with and will leave them no choice but to drag me into court over….after all in front of a judge is JUST where I want to be at a time like this- cuts through alot of middleman crap. Course if you TELL them that….generally you’ll never get that ticket and will probably get the special tag too (yep I did too, within the week)– but if you’re feeling extra frisky and in need of entertainment…by all means…feel free not to actually say and take the ticket so you can address the judge directly.

    Just what I do though….

  3. hiddendisabilities Says:

    My Question still remains “How come others get a tag and I don’t?” Isn’t that discrimination?

    • Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

      Because Animal Control thinks that they can decide who is disabled “enough” to have and use a service dog and which dogs are “real” service dogs and which are not. Now they are caught and are trying to back track. Never mind that what they say is true of ALL service dogs in California.

      And it is all most certianly discrimination. Discrimination on the part of animal control who puts their seal of approval on some but not others, discrimination on the part of those who demand the tag, discrimination on the part of alot of people.

      But they put this statement that you don’t need tags in writing….right? (I’m hoping) THAT is almost as good as any tag- essentially it is a note from the teacher saying you can be out of class so to speak.It should serve while you fight with them. Just a thought.

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