Chloe’s world




Chloe is discovering new granimals like a cat his name is Romeo she is obsessed with figuring him out!  She has already found this  little square whole how she makes it through I will never know?  Linus and Taylor are well behaved and loving dogs and love being loved up. They aren’t spoiled like Chloe, right! There are birds talk about interesting Chloe keeps checking them out “Tweet tweet!“.  

Day two “The lowdown” we got two walks in first one saw road kill a rabbit not pretty and really hard when two strong dogs think it might interesting to dig in! Used all my body strength to keep them out of it. New route we are going around the water tower in Mount Helix it is a nice quite route and no road kill.  

The home where I am staying is filled with loving memories of all their family and friends. The couple are warm and generous.  It turns out the wife Marcia and I have share the same birthday, cool!  I tried their Bullet it is great! Going to invest in one.for myself.  I have been enjoying spinach and berry protein smoothies with Chia (I use in water daily) and Flaxseed. Yummy!






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  1. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Thank you for liking (enjoying) Chloe’s World, WOOF!

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