Severe Pain suffering

I am frustrated when people offer opinions about not agreeing with the use of pain medications and they don’t suffer in pain.  My pain is off the charts. If it wasn’t for my belief in God and pain medication, and the use of service dog I wouldn’t be able to tolerate my life.


I am frustrated that people mention holistic health and healers. Please!


I still do holist measures in terms of minerals and herbs and chiropractic and have done extreme alternative holistic health care and it left me broke. Some things help.


I used to feel guilty about taking pain medication due to those haunting voices I used to say to myself “They could be bad for me” or the voices of others saying “I don’t agree with medications and what they can do to you.” I had no choice when I couldn’t walk for three months at a time. It was death or pain medications. I had to find a way to cope and accept. I realized that God gave us biochemist to design medications to help give us humans comfort to make it through challenging diseases. Most of us on medications wished we didn’t have to take them, but the alternative isn’t pretty.


I pray and meditate throughout my day. I hang onto God every second just to get through. When people claim healing through spiritual measures, it just left me feeling more depressed. God made us human and some of us will have to “Endure” health issues. The key is to find acceptance. Finding a way to walk through the suffering by being a blessing to others. Handling it with grace just enough to stand in dignity and tolerance of one’s own reflection.  


I hope this makes sense as I am beyond pain.

The best way to help those in chronic pain is to ask “What can I do for you.” Pray for the person to make it through their time in need and give lots of empathy. I have a friend I call when the disease gets this bad and in her matter of fact tone she say “You are powerless just accept it!”


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5 Responses to “Severe Pain suffering”

  1. scott smith Says:

    My Dear Kimberly In the 6+yrs. I’ve known you, I have seen you happy & healthy, also in pain and depression. I can only say how impressed I am with your ability to deal with this pain I only wish I could do more. Just ignore the stupid nay sayers and continue doing whats best for you. Thanks for your friendship & help you have given me Best Wishes Scotty

  2. Patricia K Doyle Says:

    It amazes me how insensitive some people can be about others pain. Everyone handles pain differently. But their pain is real. Why suffer, when you can minimize your pain with medications? Don’t judge. Be kind and compassionate. One day it could be you.

  3. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Very well said!

  4. hiddendisabilities Says:

    My pain is leaving me powerless there are two alternatives fight or accept. Fighting leaves me angry and hopeless for peace . acceptance leave me in the hope that I can continue my journey and helps me stay in love w/ self and others.

  5. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Reblogged this on Hiddendisabilities's Blog and commented:

    Finally doc appointment today. The last seven days have felt like a month of nauseating and excruciating back pain of suffering. This also meant it was a time of Chloe’s training out at the doctors today.
    Chloe is still a one year old puppy this month and she is still in her training years. Training a pup takes consistency both physically and mentally it is a twenty-four seven job and I am the one to do it!

    Our visit at the doc went well with lots of work. Chloe felt the ned to stray away when people would make comment about her or catch her being distracted. This is normal behavior my job is to train her to refocus and I did. We made it to the patient room she was put in “Down” command which is hard for her and many dogs to do for any period of time. She stayed down until the PA came in she got up to greet him and then I had to direct her to go back to “Down” command. She became startled when the PA started to work on my back it which is normal for a service pup in training as she is curious and watching over me. Chloe was put back into “Down” command. My teacher said I always “Win” which means my diligence has to supersede any thought of throwing my hands up in the air.

    Upon leaving Chloe got side tracked by a patient in the waiting room who was it on a cane. I had to redirect her immediately with “Leave it” command. It took a few times when I had to become stern about her focused on me. The good thing is Chloe isn’t startled by canes, crutches or wheelchairs because she is around the all the time especially with me using a cane and crutches recently. The other cool thing about Chloe is she recognizes people who are injured or suffering with health elements.

    My Physician Assistant (PA) who I call Mike is fabulous and is always up and on it when it comes to my healthcare. He has been treating this nerve condition for a few years now. It is now become more prevalent. He said that I need to keep the inflammation down. The mode of action is first a shot of cortisone in arm that will go all over to help with the nerve pain, topical compound cream for the area in question, muscle relaxer and pain pills to keep the inflammation down. The shot should help over the next few days and then if we have to repeat the shot then we will have to restructure my care. This means being sent to a specialist to have the nerves in my spine treated to stop the pain.

    My PA knows how important it is to keep my core strong and he know that my Pilates Machine is important to my health care. He was supportive in the fact that if I cannot do the Pilates Machine then I will be in more trouble than I am now.

    I shared with my PA that me world is narrowing and he reminded me that I do a lot of good stuff for someone suffering with this disease and wants me to keep my goals going as it gives me life and a sense of “Importance” and “Contribution” to the world.

    Looking forward to a new day tomorrow. WOOF!

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