Chloe’s World

Chloe's World

FYI I am handicap in the written word not the spoken word if there are any imperfections know that the mission is my passion.
Inside Edition just aired a piece about “Faking service dogs.” There was a scene about a man at an airport with his so called “Service dog!” it lunge out at a man who happened to be a dentist. Point is service dogs do not do that! Fast forward the inside edition host said it takes two years to train a service dog not “Always” true. There are two avenues one is the conventional way and the other is the private way.

Two year programs costs thousands of dollars and if I am correct it can cost up to 6, 000. Plus? Trained to help disabled person like the blind or wheelchair bound people with special needs. There are many of us with special needs who need the use of a service dog, but don’t need a dog who went through a two year program. Many of us special needs who cannot afford thousands of dollars to have a service dog or wait for one.

The unconventional way would mean having a service dog, having it perform in public with proper edict, and be trained to do a service or services for the person living with disabilities. Whether they are visual or hidden.

With this said a service dog cannot show any signs of aggressive behaviors whether it is lunging at people, barking by disturbing patrons or eating off floors in public places. NOTE they cannot eat in a restaurant!

My puppy “Chloe” I choose her carefully I had to make sure we had a special eye connection along with her temperament. Both characteristics had to match in order for us to work together at home and out in public.

My point for writing this is that people pulling off scams / falsifying a service dog are hurting those of us who are living lives with hidden disabilities and the use of a service dog. It isn’t fair! Not all of us living with physical disabilities are in wheelchairs.


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2 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. Scotty Smith Says:

    Well said and very important points to make. Thanks for your input, Kimberly

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Thank you Point badly needed due to the stereo type of persons living with disabilities and use of a service dog.

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