Chloe’s World



Chloe is now retrieving my nightly medications. It has been a great help because there are many nights I cannot remember if I have taken them. Our next journey is to discern the difference between pain medications and sleeping medication. Woof!



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2 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Tonight I put two different meds side by side and put Chloe in “Stay” command. She stayed until released then I said “Get my medicine” she was confused then I used our special commands that lead her to the mission and I continued and she came to me where I was waiting in another room and brought me my medication.

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    I couldn’t believe it until I saw and heard it. KIm tells Chloe she needs her medication and Chloe finds it retrieves it and brings it to Kim. She is so smart. Chloe is not just a service dog she is a safety net when Kim needs help. Go Chloe go!

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