Chloe’s World

Chloe's World

It was a great day to feel blessed again. Many people with hidden disabilities suffer many days in silence. Many live most of their lives in depression due to the isolation caused by health issues. I am one of those people. The last month has been horrific for me I make myself sound good on good days because a glass half full is better than half empty. On other days I suffer not being able to do what I love like working out on a regular basis or planning with friends and etc….. Sometimes getting on-line / computer is too difficult. I am glad that today brought many gifts.

Took Chloe to Wal-Mart today and as soon as we walked in there was a big display of stuffed animals couldn’t beat the price so we bought three. When we got home I was unpacking and as looked across the living room Chloe was on my Pilates Machine with all three of her new stuffed animals. She knows I love my Pilates Machine.

Another great gift today while at the cash register in Wal-Mart I realized I forgot some broth and David the checker said go ahead and grab it, as it was slow. I decided to try Chloe in a command which was a big test. Here it is, I asked her to “Stay” while standing at the register next to our grocery cart mind you she didn’t know she was loose leashed to the cart. I dashed off ASAP and when I returned she was standing right where I left her. David said she made two little whimper then stopped. This is great news as it means she is following AKC CGC Good Citizen testing and has a healthy temperament as a Service Dog while working in public with me.


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6 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    Bleh…I am really glad someone had a good day…anymore my days are like your previously described days. My disabled son is being abused at school by staff..I’ve been collecting evidence for months and we’re both blown out. Now prepping for an MF’er of a meeting next week to blow this all open.

    Congrats on chloe…that is an AWESOME stay though I usually don’t leave my dogs out of line of sight, not because of what they might do but because of what people might do…cause people are way worse behaved than my dogs LOL.

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    I gotcha wind. I know the checker really well he would jump on anyone who thought they could mess with my Chloe. Plus she knows him and greets him all the time Chloe (she) is his fav customer.

    Sorry to read about he about the school some people can do awful things and school districts are held together so tightly. I would like to know how it goes.


  3. melisdvash Says:

    I’m so glad to hear about your Chloe. She sounds just about perfect. I wish I could have a service dog. …

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      I am so lucky to have Chloe and that she is responding to the training she is receiving. It is a lot of work, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      I suffer with Fibro and CFID may I ask what you are living with?

      Thank you fro liking this blog and for replying it means a lot to me and Chloe WOOF!.

      • melisdvash Says:

        I’ve been dx’d with MS for the past twenty years or so – probably had it since the summer of 1988. Then I have certain environmental sensitivities which just add to the pleasure of my environment. 😉

  4. hiddendisabilities Says:

    I am sorry read you have ms living with health problems is challenging both physically, mentally and spiritually. For me the only way through is God. I ask Him “What can I do to be a blessing, and live in the lite and love of HIm.” Not always easy for me.

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