The Hayliegh Project

                              The Hayliegh Project

I am finding it hard to calm down inside. My project helps those struggling with hidden disabilities and their civil rights. A big part of my project is to stop discrimination and people living with hidden disabilities. Today I took on a client who is living in senior and disabled housing the maintenance man on who lives on the property had the balls and yes the balls to confront my client because she was parked in handicap parking. She is terminal with cancer and dying. Do I need to paint the picture? This maintenance man after seeing my client pull up in handicap parking took it upon himself to confront my client saying he needed the spot for other utility people to have parking and for those with more disabilities, are you kidding me! NOTE: This maintenance man has been using the handicap space for a month now which I have personally witnessed.

He is lucky to have a roof over his head and a job!  How come HUD housing is allowing this? I am not against the person only the sin!


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6 Responses to “The Hayliegh Project”

  1. Pete Belardino Says:

    Blow him in !

  2. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    I’d be taking some pictures then help the friend report him to the local HUD office and the local police dept.

  3. Patricia K Doyle Says:

    I am disabled and trying desperately to find a place to live because i dont have more than a couple of years left to live. God bless the Hayliegh Project!. I am recognized and have been helped by this organization for several things. Thank you!

  4. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Thank you Pat you are a gift too!

    Wind, I don’t think he will be parking the police had a talk with him.

    Pete what this man has done is awful.

  5. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    YAY (high 5’s) oh btw….I’ve jumped into the deep end again. My mother rescued a pup of about 10 weeks old that had been shoved out of a car right in front of her and then the car drove off. She was a walking skeleton- starving to death in the bitter cold and almost got hit on the spot by a car. So anyway, as soon as I laid eyes on her I knew I was supposed to take her and train her for service work- either for me or someone else (that remains to be seen). And what’s even weirder is that she shows every liklihood to be REALLY good at it.I know I’ve always done rotty’s for myself but this should prove even more interesting as she looks kind of pittish and we all know how well people like that. Going to get her microchip this afternoon. So yeah, we’re off and running again.

  6. Patricia K Doyle Says:

    Where do we go from here? The maintenance man Is a hazard.
    He is obviously prejudiced against disabled people. There must be formal repercussions for his behavior to stop this.

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