The Hayliegh Project

The Hayliegh Project

Without “The Hayliegh Project’s” quick response everything could have been very different. I had lost consciousness. Kimberly Ryan contacted my Cardiologist. She contacted the emergency techs and stayed in touch throughout the process of being admitted and preparing me for surgery. As this all happened so quickly, in just a matter of days.

“The Hayliegh Project” advocated for me while I was recovering in the hospital. Kim followed me through the process in my recovery because I had to stay in the hospital for weeks. Kimberly Ryan came to support and advised me in many ways by taking in all of my concerns such as; following my surgery, where will I rehabilitate, bringing my personal things that I needed. Because “The Hayliegh Project” knows the laws and steps necessary to insure the patient gets what they need before being released from the hospital. .

Now I want to say that Chloe was also an important part of my recovery. Unknowingly Chloe, service dog in training (Cocker Spaniel) came with my advocate to bring the things that I needed, to visit and give me moral support. Chloe curled up in my arms for at least an hour. The minute I saw her long floppy ears and sweet face I felt better. Having her with me for the time was healing. Her service dog had the ability to calm me down and that made me feel as though I would be okay.

I am home now and the recovery continues. “The Hayliegh Project” is there for me still and will be participating in interviews necessary for additional assistance I will need.

Without “The Hayliegh Project” I would have been lost, depressed and my recovery would have suffered. “The Hayliegh Project” made a big difference in the best way.

I am a disabled person who looks health and / yet I have many hidden health issues.



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4 Responses to “The Hayliegh Project”

  1. hiddendisabilities Says:

    I would like to thank J.R. for trusting in us to be their when she needed us. It is great to see the progress and recovery she is making after a serious procedure. She and her lovely dog have been walking like crazy!

  2. sami416 Says:

    I’m so glad that Kimberly and Chloe were there for you and you are doing better.

    Kim and her organization don’t always get enough recognition or cooperation but she never gives up in her quest for equality for people with disabilities

  3. Vicki Says:

    I posted on my wall I hope it helps you out! I have been trying for years to get a service dog, and haven’t been able to yet!

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