Jennifer Jensen did an awesome job giving a voice to people with hidden disabilities and service dogs.


Since she has air my story I was on a walk with my friend and my service dog pup “Chloe.”  We went into a fast food Mexican restaurant and I was denied access because they did not believe Chloe was my service dog. She didn’t have a vest and if she had a service dog tag on her collar we would have been accepted. At 8 months old she is already in perfect form. 




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  1. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    What was THAT crap that a tag is not required by the animal control? Of course its not required for ANY fully trained service dog in the state per federal law and cannot be required of service dogs in training because THAT tag does not meet state law unless state law was changed recently(yes I have a copy of the actual requirements for the tag courtesy of the state guide dog board that oversees service dog matters in the state.

    That is not the point. They are giving them to others and choosing to assume that Chloe is for comfort only in a way that state law does not allow. Last I understood Chloe was doing tasks to assist. I sure hope you are not PAYING for a tag in the alternative. That is more breaking of state law.

    This just makes my blood boil.

  2. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    If you can get a lawyer? There is a group that supposedly deals with service dogs in socal. Other than that make sure you can prove you sent them the state of California affidavit form and let them play their games and go on without them. Chloe qualifies as a fully trained service dog and to deny you because of particular tags is against the ADA (see guidance on service dogs in places of business). You might want to get video footage of Chloe doing something for you…just to have, could be important. You could try filing with the department of fair employment and housing but don’t hold your breath too hard about them- still worth a try.

    Get your OWN tag that says service dog…you can do that at boomerang tags online. Make sure you can prove that you sent them the form that state of California says you have to sign. Then if I were you I’d not pay for a licence, and keep that letter where they denied you and go on without their tag. Later if they try to fine you for not having a tag, refuse to comply and make them take you into court where you will show the judge all of this stuff. This is what I did with my animal control…they DID eventually try to ticket me for not having a licence and I told them please do because I’ll refuse to comply and you’ll have to drag me into court in front of a judge which is RIGHT where I want to be. Then I can show him exactly what they have been doing illegally. Funny, I magically got my tags within a week.

    Really, you don’t legally need the tag…just show businesses a printout of the guidance on service dogs in places of business where it says directly you don’t have to have any certian tags. Having the tags isn’t suddenly going to make it all better and stop the harrassment…I have the tags from my county and it doesn’t make one bit of difference in anything really and I am a trained advocate. I still get denied and harrassed. The only thing that holds any hope of protecting you is learning the laws and how to advocate for yourself. Make SURE you can prove you are legally disabled and do as much as you can to show that your dog is task trained so if you go into court that you are well covered on your end. Living in disabled housing isn’t enough, getting disability benefits may not even be enough. Get something from your dr saying you use a service dog for your disability and stating one or two major life activities that are affected by your disability as the law requires. Document as much and well as you can that your dog is trained.

    I’m on the verge of getting a new puppy to start training next year…if you hear a really loud BOOM coming from my direction you’ll know it is my head exploding and I am doing battle with animal control over here.

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