Service Dogs And Hidden Disabilities

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me and Chloe

This is an old article written about hidden disabilities and the use of a service dog and receiving a service dog tag, which recognize a person in need of their service dog. (Excuse edits)

I am on a mission can you please approve of this post for people with hidden disabilities and the use of a service
I am beside myself as this is about having a service dog and who gets to decide who receives a service dog tag and who doesn’t get a tag.  I just lost my cocker spaniel service dog after thirteen and half years. She filled many needs in my life as recognized by my physicians and veterinarian.

I am starting a new journey with my new rescue pup. I filled out the forms from my local animal control. I sent a portion of my bio about what my previous service dog and…

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6 Responses to “Service Dogs And Hidden Disabilities”

  1. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    I hear you about what you experience. we all do. The thing is they can mess with you while the dog is in training a little because state law is in charge of dogs in training. Federal law is the supreme law when it comes to service dogs that are already trained. Under federal law no tags are necessary (see guidance on service dogs in places of business- DOJ). If your dog can behave correctly in public and if it does at least one task to assist you it is already out of the jurisdiction of animal control.Of course that won’t help in those situations where you get perks for having a tag. In those cases you would need to educate whoever is providing that perk.

    Though animal control would like to decide who can and who cannot…they really can’t. If you properly request a tag with the proper form that state law dictates (and can prove it) maybe submit it twice even (and can prove it) then you are covered. I refuse to pay for regular tags- state and federal law says I don’t have to. They denied me tags and I had done the above, so I didn’t have tags- who cares. Then one day they wanted to write me a ticket for having unlicensed dogs. Great I told them, please do because then I will refuse to comply and you will have to drag me into court in front of a judge- and in front of a judge is JUST where I want to be so I can tell and show him what animal control has been up to- so please do. That was the end of that, they suddenly claimed they “lost” my paperwork and to resubmit it. I did that and had my tags within a week. Funny that. And I didn’t provide them anything other than the state form. That is what the law says (but be sure you can show dr notes or documentation to show that you are disabled if a judge asks).

    Also you may want to go in person and talk to or write the county supervisor who is in charge of animal control and cite the laws Ca Civil code 54.1 and Food and Agricultural code 30850 and let them know that animal control is taking liberties the law does not allow.

    In the end the tag they issue is NOT the tag described in state law and therefore isn’t really even applicable to that law found in food and ag 30850. You can call the state guide dog board (who kind of oversees service dog matters in the state) for more information on the legal tag which doesn’t exist as written in law.

    So you don’t need to wring your hands and fuss, you just need to be more educated than they are. They can play games with their stupid tag that isn’t even legal, doesn’t mean you have to play with them. Know what I mean?

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      I have doc notes I have the civil codes you mentioned and have sent them ofhave directed me to the right places for legal help. Talk about disabled I live in special housing and have handicap plates. I have had so many doctors and meds most people feel like dying and although it has crossed my mind I have a service dog I won’t leave. My ducks are in row and the truth will prevail.
      I have all the civil codes statewide and under the food and ag 30850 and training a pup as a service dog.

      I may take it to the news not yet waiting for Dis Ability rights advocates they are hopefully taking my case q’s on Tuesday we ought to catch up then.

      All I know is I can hear you loud and clear as I have the same mission and thank God I am not alone.

      • Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

        Yeah I am through most of the rewrites it’s just the dang ending…was supposed to be one thing and that blew up so now not sure how I want to end it.

        No, you are not alone. The reason they get away with this is because people stay silent about it. And the public will only learn to understand that your disability doesn’t have to be hidden if we speak up and tell them so. It takes strength and it takes courage…but our lives and our service dogs are worth it.

      • hiddendisabilities Says:

        Amen lets keep each other posted woof

        Sent from Windows Mail

  2. Windchyme (Windchyme's Wanderings) Says:

    Anyway….if you need help, if anyone does they need to contact me. They can go to Windchyme’s Wanderings (google it) and get ahold of me. No guarantees if people really want to be hard butts- I’m not a lawyer just a trained advocate, but I can try. And there is always legal action and even if you are low income you could see if a lawyer for low income would help out.

    I also have a book almost written about my hidden disability and my journey including all the discrimination I have faced…I just need to put an ending on it, format it for E-readers and it will be ready to publish.It’s called Second Chances, The Pact of Fire- A Journey Through Mental Illness Into the World of Psychiatric Service Dogs. I really need to get off of my fanny and get it all the way finished- it’s only been sitting for the last year almost done…bleh.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      I am on second rewrites about hidden disabilities and my disease. It would be great if we could help each other. I also do The Hayliegh Project helping people with their civil rights and hid dis. What I have civil attorneys say I don’t look disabled enough. I have to be in awheelchair.

      you are a great writer I have great ideas

      but am disabled in my sentence structure, so bare with me on my writing.

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