Chloe’s World

I finally woke up feeling pretty darn good today. Thought Chloe and I could hike the mountain. I am feeling good asking God’s favor hoping Chloe can handle ¾ at least. Anyway we get going get no further than a few blocks and she says no. I get frustrated disappointed and upset. I see other pups and adult dogs going up and I think what is wrong with my girl? I turn around to come home and my pain in my spine becomes horrific. Question does she not want to walk because she knew I was going into pain or did she just not want to go?

I had to come home and take heavy meds to find relief. Again I thank God for bringing biochemist to give up meds to help.

Here is my demise I didn’t train Hayliegh / service dog to be alone ever. I would like to know if I wanted to hike the mountain during the hotter days when the pup cannot go that I could and she would be okay just for an hour.

I have abandonment issues and I know Chloe does she was abandoned as a pup. My goal is that she knows I am not going anywhere in life without her it just maybe that I need to climb, pray and meditate once in a while when she cannot go. I gave her lunch put her in the crate with her pillow and a toy ad hobbling for ten minutes outside the building for ten minutes. Guess what she barked and barked and barked some more. New strategy? I have been trying to leave her even though I go to the trash I leave her in the apt and tell her to stay and she barks. I need to use treats in portion control to teach her to stay, so I will leave her a little treat when I leave the apt and then when I come back. All of this will be in her kong.
Thoughts welcomed. WOOF!


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2 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. Chloe’s World | Hiddendisabilities's Blog Says:

    […] Fibromyalgia, CFIDS & Hiddendisabilities another weblog « Chloe’s World […]

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Tonight Chloe walked around the block just about a mile. Not only did I not have pain she walked like a happy pouch. Woof woof hooray!

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