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I can hardly believe it my back pain is beyond acceptable. The medications I use for fibromyalgia usually kick in and work well, but not the pain I am getting in the lower right side of my back. It isn’t sciatica because it isn’t traveling down the back of my leg. It flares from my left foot and it triggers at an isolated place in my lower right back. I also have a weird sensation that radiates down the front of my right thigh (surface.) and feels like my right leg is going to give out. The only medication that works on my is muscle relaxers it makes the pain tolerable. I don’t like that I have to take all this meds, but I also thank God for bringing us biochemist to help give those of us relief from pain or at least enough relief to live some parts of my life.   

Thank you God for the cane because I needed it today.  Tonight at a meeting a cute young lady said “Kim you look to cute on a cane and platforms.” I shared with her that I not giving up because I am in pain and trying look semi descent while living in excruciating pain.


 I thank God for having a laptop, so I can type out this message. I had a desk top before and there would be no way to sit and type at a desk.


Chloe plays a big part in our mission as my service dog, she is always wanting to be social and while we were on the way to our doc we made a stop for produce.  I was in horrible pain beyond acceptable. Chloe was so good she sat by my side. She wanted to greet curios people, but she resisted.  She is such a smart and good girl. At our meeting tonight Chloe loves to greet everyone we meet up with, actually she likes to be the center of attention and while on her leash she was in perfect performance.  


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