Chloe’s world, Can u believe this? I come

ImageChloe’s world, Can u believe this? I come into my little “Heaven on earth” and I hear this little bark and I look up and I don’t see my pup. I start freaking out. Her leash is in my place with the keys. So I run to my sweet manager’s door to say “I can’t fin Chloe” thinking how did this happen we came in from outside together. I take off outside yelling Chloe and my manger is in my place looking for my pup. I come back to my place and my manager says she’s here, but were? By this time another neighbor comes in and she is know were to be found. By this time there are 3 women looking for my pup in a 400 sq. foot place. I am yelling Chloe and we hear this little low bark almost grumble and we finally isolate the location. Chloe was stuck  barrel behind the cabinet where her kibble is stored. Talk about a happy mum!

Chloe posing with her chew toy which looks like a cigar.

WOOF! we are both warn out from this event. 




One Response to “Chloe’s world, Can u believe this? I come”

  1. sami416 Says:

    So glad you found Chloe, 🙂 She really wanted to eat! Happy baby and happy mommy. Love Sami.

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