Chloe’s World

Our new friend at Trader Joe's

Our new friend at Trader Joe’s


Ever wake up after not sleeping well and decide to make it great day? Even though I didn’t sleep well I woke up to this cute little face on my chest it is Chloe that is what I focused on to get me through the day.  I said to myself “What can I do today too tired to work out, so why not go shopping for the monthly food supply.” Chloe and I went to Trader Joe’s where we met Emily she was a sweet young lady who is an employee of T Joe’s. She was so touched by our story and she helped us out to the car. I couldn’t help but let her greet Chloe after we got to the car. Here is a pic of a great moment.


We went off to what I call the Disneyland of Wal-Mart’s. While shopping this awful senior man decided it was his job to tell me off about having my service dog with me in the store. “Are you kidding me” talking to myself. He used his finger to point at me?  What is it about people thinking they can accost not only me and others?  I stood up to this bully of a man after he kept saying to me “Your dog should be in the car!” He kept at me I responded how you dare mistreat a disabled person who suffers everyday with Fibromyalgia and …..After he kept at me he finally walked off as his wife stood there. I decided I would go to management and ask them to let the customer know he had no right to harassed / discriminate against me and the use of my service dog. Before I could find a Walmart employee this man’s wife came to me and apologized to me for his behavior.


I accepted the apology and shared with her that I wrote a manuscript about hidden disabilities and the use of a service dog which I haven’t gotten picked up yet.  I also asked her if he abuses her because of his behavior towards me. She said no, but truth I find it hard to believe anyway none of my business. As we went to leave the store Dave a Walmart employee and acquaintance friend walked us to the car as he knew Hayliegh and now he knows Chloe. Dave was appalled regarding the man and the situation. You know the whole time my Chloe was just standing there being a perfect little service dog.  


6 Responses to “Chloe’s World”

  1. Kim Says:

    People never cease to amaze me. They either respond very favorably or very horribly.

  2. Barbara Says:

    I am sorry that happened to you but glad it did not ruin your day!

  3. sami416 Says:

    I wrote a long post but it disappeared so long story short.

    Proud of you, glad Chloe is taking care of her mama and I know Hayleigh is smiling down on you. Much love

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      thank you for responding to the post my goal is once a week. you know our health gets in the way. today is a bad day actually I have been slipping slowly as the week has gone by. Chloe is on 3 antibiotics and I keep thinking I need to lye low as she really doesn’t want to walk or go on long happy walks. I think it is temp as she heals from her D…mange and eye infection. we are watching a movie and cooking. again thank you for being supportive on our the blog. woof!

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