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ImageMy love.



My Hayliegh “Service dog” has passed May 3, 2013 at 3:pm I held her in my arms as the vet put her down. I just kept sharing with my girl that I love you so much. She made it to 13 1/2 yrs of age. She had beaten the odds as she was diagnosed over a yrs ago plus with liver disease and cancer. We had the chance to really soak up all the love we could share together.I sang her “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world” Ronnie Milsap and “I hope you dance ” Leanne Womack 
I would love to share our special bond, part of our mission and our lovely story. I have been truly blessed. I thank god for giving me sch a special love. 
If you go to the below site and scroll until you see “Canine Kisses”

https://hiddendisabilities.wordpress.com/ scroll down a few posts 

I love you Hayliegh

Thank you for a dear friend Deanne, She drove to one of my doc so Hayliegh could say good bye and drove me to the vets for support I couldn’t have done it with out the help of a friend. 

She was the love of my life. 
This is so hard to write and I have been crying for hours now. I am calling in prayer that God helps my Hayliegh to not suffer and if it is her time that I can handle doing the right thing. 


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2 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. Emily Cremeans Says:

    I wish I would have had a chance to have met her, she was a special girl. But I know I’ll get to meet her someday, just as if I never meet you here on this earth, I’ll meet you and Hayliegh together in heaven. And now my dear Booties has someone keeping her company and they are waiting on us together until we join them one day.
    I didn’t realize how long you had her. That’s a long time! Bless you. Last August, so just a few months before we had to say goodbye to Boots, we had to part ways with my husband beloved friend Snowball. He had had him since he was 4 years old: he was a cute little lhasa apso/poodle mix that lived to be 17 and a half years old. He hung on for a long time for my hubby. He was there for him for everything. Long story short: my husband’s “invisible” ailment is depression, and he was homeschooled his whole life, by parents whom both don’t believe in things like depression and a mother that still can’t accept anything is “wrong” with her “perfect” son. So his constant friend throughout always moving and always dealing with depression he could never talk to to anyone about was Snowy.
    Obviously it was just age with him and my dh couldn’t be the one to do it, I had to take dear Snow in to let him go…it’s the saying goodbye part that’s always the hardest. After having them so long, you don’t want to let go. And it takes time, but day after day, and little by little, it does start to get easier. It never truly goes away, because they are always with you, but the pain does ease after time.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      HI Emily,
      I appreciate the respons to our blog. Used to be Hayliegh no Chloe is in my life and I hope you have gotten to see her on fb? Depression is a big hidd disability dogs can be so benifical keeping the compnay of a canine companion. Chloe has touch my heart in so amny ways in just a few weeks. I can’t wait to blog our day to day jounrny becoming a service dog and the aid of others through The Hayliegh Project. It sounds like you and your husband have had some great loves.

      I am waiting for a new computer, so I can post.

      Take care my friend and thank you agian for your syour condolensces comfort.

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