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“The Hayliegh Project” stepped into to help

Cocoa looks like a little toy schnauzer and Mickey is the owner/mother.  Little Cocoa is not only a companion to Mickey she is also a service dog assisting Mickey by hearing when someone is at the door and when the phone rings due to Mickey’s deafness.   It came to our attention when I took Mickey to get both of our service dogs groomed at Petco that Cocoa’s ear was inflamed. At Petco, Michelle is my favorite groomer, as she is always gentle and considerate about my disability with the dropping off and picking up my service dog. Michelle brought to our attention to the fact that Cocoa’s right ear was inflamed and showed us what she extracted from Cocoa’s ear.  She speculated that Cocoa’s ear might be infected and that got me thinking.

As another week came to an end, I was concerned about Mickey and her service dog.  Cocoa had started showing signs that something was wrong. Cocoa started shaking her head and the right ear still looked hot pink and swollen, plus Cocoa stopped eating. Mickey had been stressed for the entire week about the cost that could be incurred due to veterinarian bill.

I inquired about PAWS San Diego as Mickey had informed me that she had been receiving food donated from them. PAWS also helps people on “low income” assisting people with their canine companions monetarily for medical treatment. At this point,  Mickey agreed that The Hayliegh Project could step in to represent her case.

The Hayliegh Project helped Mickey contact PAWS.  PAWS stepped in by helping her get the care she needed to treat Cocoa.  I contacted Randy at PAWS. Randy at PAWS San Diego got the ball rolling and Jeff from Paw’s took our information, which I faxed in.  What is important to mention is that Mickey had been signed up with Paw’s for about a year. It is important to mention that anyone asking for the help of a nonprofit organization should be aware that there are rules that have to be done both to protect the organization and the person being helped.   Otherwise there may have been a 90 day waiting period. “At this time, PAWS is not accepting any new clients due to funding limitations.”


Miracles happen every day and a miracle happened today.

Thanks to Paw’s sponsorship and their monetary support, and Dr. Benavides, DVM and the wonderful staff at El Cajon Valley Veterinarian Hospital, who provided all the medical needs while being aware of my clients economic concerns due to Paw’s support.   The Hayliegh Project (Hayliegh and I) assisted in making all the contacts and drove little Cocoa and Mickey to the veterinarian.

Cocoa had stopped eating as the ear infection was affecting her appetite and now she will be treated with an antibiotic ointment and should be up and running around soon.


  • El Cajon Valley Veterinary Hospital and on facebook  El Cajon Valley Veterinary Hospital, San Diego, ca.
  • Paw’s San Diego  and on facebook Paw’s San Diego.
  • To be specific: PAWS San Diego’s mission is to preserve the human-animal bond by providing pet services and support to low-income seniors, chronically ill and disabled people. We offer two programs: Our legacy PetCare and VetCare program offers in-home delivery of pet food and cat litter to our clients and limited vouchers for vet care when resources are available. Our secondary PAWS Pantry program offers supplemental bags of dog and cat food to human service groups and others around San Diego County. Our secondary program is able to reach thousands of pet families and help keep pets out of shelters.



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