Cocoa and her mom

Cocoa and her mom

Cocoa and Mickey.

Cocoa looks like a little toy schnauzer and Mickey is the owner / mother. Little cocoa has been shaking her head and one of her ears is hot pink and swollen inside. Mickey has been stressed about the cost that could be incurred due to veterinarian costs.
The Hayliegh Project stepped in and called Paw’s in San Diego to ask for assistance w/ her dog and seeing a veterinarian. We are hoping after speaking w/ Paws that Mickey will have her dog at a vet this week to make sure her dog is okay or best treated.

Thank you to Paw’s for helping people on special incomes to feed their animal’s and be treated.



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4 Responses to “Cocoa and her mom”

  1. Scotty Smith Says:

    Kimberly is doing a wonderful job taking care of Hayliegh her cocker spaniel. This dog has cancer, but with Kimberly’s love & devotion the proper diet & exercise she has managed to keep this dog alive & happy for the 6 yrs. I have known her. Of course the dogs love for her keeps her going during her difficult days battling Fibromyalgia. They are truly a team helping each other Kimberly’s dedicated research, in finding out what is best for her and her dog is truly inspiring. Best wishes Scotty

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      Wow thank you Scotty for the kind words. With the LDN and holistic food from Solid Gold and lots of prayer my Boo is still kicking. I thank God I get to love her up everyday. WOOF!

  2. Mickey and Coco Says:

    I am so fortunate to have Kim and Hayliegh in my life. Kims love and devotion to her service dog has been a very good influence in my life.

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