Hayliegh’s World

This last weekend was a difficult at best I thought I would tempt to see if a new dog entered our life would it be a positive experience. I was hoping that if Hayliegh is so sensitive and a cocker maybe she could help train another cocker to help me with my  Fibromyalgia, CFID and all the nuts and bolts that grind w/it. My hope was that maybe she would appreciate another dog to train alongside her, so she wouldn’t have to leave me alone when God takes her perfect soul. Well it was not so great first she started letting me know that the Fibro was going to attack my stomach and secondly she ended up really upset with me.  

We went to a 2 ½ yr old male cocker spaniel his name was Harrington   He was submissive,  gentle and gracious to everyone including all the other dogs he hang s out with. My girl was really upset w/me she wouldn’t even take treats when we got into the car as we drove off.  

That night left me sleepless as I kept praying to God to help me with the questions I had ruminating through my mind is it a good idea to get another cocker before Hayliegh leaves?. Would the new dog get as much attention while I still have Hayliegh? Would I be able to handle two dogs at one time living with this horrible disease? How would I go through classes and have Hayliegh sit on the side lines?  How would I go shopping with two dogs at one time.  The thoughts went on and on.


When I finally decided to sit in enough prayer and meditation I asked God to reveal the truth to me ?My truth.”  Truth is that Hayliegh has all of my whole heart and the next dog that graces my life will have my whole heart not half or a piece, but my whole heart.


I phoned the facility that had wonder Harrington and said that my heart isn’t ready to take another wonderful dog and that I hope when the time comes in my life I hope they would except my application when the time is right. I was glad to know that I wasn’t the only application inquiring about this precious cocker.


With everything shared tonight while visiting at a girlfriends house Hayliegh suddenly got really serous with her behavior and not thinking about it my friend who has known Hayliegh for thirteen and half years starts questioning me with curiosity and within minutes I double over in stomach pain. My friend was amazed as I am every time she knows the disease is going to hit.  My friend Gina said “Kim she knew she kept acting like you needed to leave and she knew you needed to  get home. ”


What I do know to be true is that even when I was little the dogs I had growing up had a special bond with me, so does Hayliegh and so will the next dog.


In the meantime I just need to love her, have faith and be grateful for every second that I have.  



2 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. Kim Says:

    She is such a sweetheart and while she may be getting up in age she is young at heart. You will have no problem’s finding another service dog when the time comes. In the mean time a great big hug to you and woof to Hayliegh from Aussie. Who by the way is amazing everyone with her latest warnings with not only me now but my son and daughter as well!

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      I just relieved this response. Thank for the great news about Aussie helping you out and the kids. Hayliegh will get concerned if we are out with a friend and they walk away for a moment she seems to keep on eye on use all. When it comes to helping me though she is spot on. It amazes me how much she watches over me recently I had a bad respiratory cold and she was so concerned I couldn’t even go get the mail without her watching me the whole time. This may be to much information, but she will even peak her cute little head around the shower curtain as she needs to know where I am at all times.
      Any up dates on how it is going with Aussie Kim?

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