Hayliegh’s World

We have been house and dog sitting for two weeks now and I am home sick. My place maybe small, but it is my small heaven on earth.

My small little place has been exposed to holes in the ceiling for over 6 months now. I was recently ask to file a complaint about the work not being done. I did maintenance came in and got Spackle all over things. I also asked for 24 hour notice to enter so I could move my things out of the way.  Well that didn’t happen maintenance entered and management didn’t even know about it.

I was then asked yesterday if they could give me 24 hour notice for work to done today Friday. Well I am am here waiting for maintenance to show up and it is 12:30 and no maintenance as of yet. All my of my bathroom things are in my bedroom.     


I don’t need a lot to be happy, but I do believe we ought to be respected and valued.


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