Haylieghs World “The Hayliegh Project”

Hayliegh and I had another great day in sunny San Diego.  While we were out we met another person who is struggling w/ hidden disabilities or invisible disabilities. We haven’t counted how many people “The Hayliegh Project” has helped over this last year.  We have helped many people in the area’s of housing, legal help whether it is for social security, fighting an over pay mistake by social security office by filing appeals. We have helped people who could no longer work due to disability by having their school loans written off.   We have been available for support when someone needs to talk about how thier life has changed.  We also help educate people w/ information about how to obtain a service dog and understanding the laws. We also help people when their civil rights when they have been denied.

Today was a great example: We ran into a man w/his service dog he asked us about the service dog vest  and it turned out minutes later he needed help w/ how to obtain his Social Securty because he had been denied and cannot work. we refereed him to a social security attorney.  We also were able to get him medical resources to aid in his medical care and maybe housing.

We just took part in an audio interview for the LDN research trust where we share how LDN is working both for me and my serivce dog w/ our health.  We have been asked to write an article for their news letter.

Goals: to start a group for those suffering w/ hidden disabilities and invisable disabilities and have an official site.

I have to say that my heart is filled w/joy knowing that the mission to help others is really happening.

Hayliegh sends a woof as she works hard being my little supervisor.


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6 Responses to “Haylieghs World “The Hayliegh Project””

  1. Debbie Dionne Says:

    I am so proud of what you are doing. You struggle so much yourself, yet you and Hayliegh take what strength and compassion you have and give to others in need. That is such a wonderful quality in a person and can make someone’s day, week, year. Continue the good work you do as an advocate for us with hidden disabilities. So glad you were able to speak on LDN, maybe other states will look into this a more of a viable treatment. Love you.

  2. Taking On A Cause Says:

    I love this blog what a person and a dog can do even when there are many challenges in their life!!!

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      Absolutely true Hayliegh and I have a mission and every time I think I need to hang it up God presents me w/ one more reason why we need to pus to advocate for those w/hidden disabilities.

  3. Taking On A Cause Says:

    Reblogged this on Taking On A Cause by Patsy McCaw-Yager,Englewood, Fl. and commented:
    Hayliegh thankyou for showing people that we really do not know what people are dealing with- you can not judge a book by its cover!!! Patsy McCaw-Yager, Englewood, Fl.

  4. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Debbie thank you so much for the confirming words. Can you believe I just received this response not sure why? guess not for me to figure out. I thank you my friend supporting our blog.

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