Hayliegh’s World

“I’m tired of doing the time for someone else’s crime”

 Denied My “Civil Rights” under the ADA

Two reasons why I am not able to find legal help is:

I don’t look disabled: again having hidden disabilities / invisible disabilities comes to haunt me again 1. Because I don’t look disabled  &  2. The fact that I have gone after a company for denying me my “civil rights” under the ADA years past. It isn’t fair I did not commit a crime. I am tired and angry that this is happening and I still have no rights.

It is a sin that people w/ invisible disabilities / hidden disabilities cannot find legal help because we don’t look disabled enough for a trial thus a jury. Isn’t that discrimination too? The case isn’t whether I am disable the case would be that “I was denied my civil rights under the ADA and UNRUH Act to have my service dog. I live in disabled housing because I am disabled w/ multiple disabling health issues such as, Fibromyalgia, CFID’s/ME, IBS, and the list goes on. This January I will have a total of seven doctor appointments just this month most people don’t go except once or twice a year.

I am asked by attorney’s am I in a “wheelchair” and when I say no that about ends it because again “I DON”T LOOK DISABLED.”  This also raises the question that wheelchair people are more believable then me and then I am discriminated against again.

Is it fair that I get denied the legal help that I deserve by law. Check: California civil code 52 and ADA and Unruh civil rights act 54 and 55.2

What price have you put on your “CIVIL RIGHTS!”

On January, 7, 2012

My friend and I walked into a restaurant (Old Venice) and seated ourselves at the bar on the stools.  I shared w/ the bartender that I had service dog w/ me and showed him my dogs vest because the buckle had broken. The bartender then left and returned to  the patron side of the to talk to us. He then said we have to leave because of my service dog. He also shared that the owners did not allow service dogs in their restaurant.

I then repeated to the bartender “oh you don’t understand this is my service dog and legally we are allowed by law to be here.” I shared that we had been h before. He got frustrated and a bit heated, and was a matter of fact about the rules and service dogs. He said he had spoken to the owners and service dogs were not allowed in the restaurant. The bartender informed us that a customer came in w/ a little dog claiming it was her service dog and she was asked to leave. .

I asked the bartend his name “Justin” and the time 6:05pm We left and went to my friend’s apartment to call the police. Officer Stadler #3980 and Lopez showed up took the info and went to the restaurant to share w/ Justin abut service dogs then returned to my friend’s apartment and shared that Justin the bartender did say “the owners don’t allow service dogs.

It has been a hard couple of days and I am hoping to be coming out of the insanity I was feeling about the discrimination and my service dog. I am bummed out. I have felt sick and depressed about this.

I now fear being rejected by other attorneys because I don’t look disabled.

* The ADA laws

* Hayliegh’s tags and licensing copied.

* I have a witness

* There was an police officer involved and witnessed the violation  

   under ADA laws. 

Witnesses statement

To whom it may concern:

This is my statement of the event that took place at 6:05 p.m. on Saturday, January 7th, 2012.

Kimberly Ryan Harms, her service dog Hailey and myself Deanne Coleman – A restaurant in San Diego.

We walked into the restaurant and seated ourselves at the bar on the stools.  Kimberly also motioned to and mentioned her service dog and showed the man the vest upon walking into the building.  The bartender then left for a few minutes towards the back.  When the bar tender returned he walked over to where we were seated and proceeded to state strongly that we would have to leave since service dogs were not allowed in the establishment per management / owner requirements.

Kimberly then said oh you don’t understand this is my service dog and legally we are allowed by law to be served here.  She said we have been served here before as well.  She pulled the vest out again to show the bartender.  He then more aggressively stated that no, it does not matter we are not allowed to be served here with the service dog.

He said he had just called the owners on the phone who again had told him dogs were not allowed in the restaurant even if it’s a service dog.  The bar tender said last week they had someone else in here with a dog and they were requested to leave as well.  He said it’s not himself telling her no, but the owners rules and request.

Kimberly then asked him what time it was and asked for his name.  He said it’s 6:05 p.m. and my name is Justin.  We then left and went back to her friend’s home to call the Police.  The policeman came out to the home and took Kimberly’s statement and stated also that is discrimination for customers with service dogs to not be allowed in or be served at a restaurant.

  • San Diego police officer Stadler and Lopez involved. The bartender told the police officer that I was not allowed w/ my service dog due to owners policy.

I called the restaurant to make a complaint on January 20, 2012 @ 5:35pm and spoke to manager Forrest to talk about my discomfort and being upset about what happened about the night in question. He kind of wanted to brush me off and then said the owners would call me and they never did.


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7 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. Naja Says:

    I haven’t been denied service, yet, but I have been asked about my boy. He’s a Min Pin and so many people assume that a small dog can’t be a service dog. There are so many services little dogs can do, especially for those of us with fibro and other disorders that make bending to pick things up impossible. Have you sought help from an actual ADA lawyer or your local lawyers bar?

    I know, here in Denver, that an establishment can ask a patron to leave if their animal is disruptive but not otherwise. Keep up the fight hun, get your local animal rights and disability rights activists to get a protest or something going. Getting this out on a newscast might help as a human interest item.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:


      Thank you for your response. Boy do I know about little dogs and the work they do my neighbor has a chiwa and it helps w/ her.

      Isn’t it crazy my little girl has been going out in public for 11 1/2 yrs w/ me. she is so good and you wouldn’t even know she w/ me when visiting a restaurant.

      I have spoken to civil and ADA att. All my dicks are in a row it isn’t fair.

      do you think you can post this on your wall and let others know to post on their wall.

      This week I am going to start going to the media about this. I am going to send this to news papers too.

      Thank you for caring.

      • I'm taking a nap Says:

        I’m writing a blog about the litle helpers discrimination so I’d be happy to link back to your blog 🙂

      • hiddendisabilities Says:

        I just got a notice that you will be happy to link me. I need to keep writing and haven’t my health has taken a toll anyway I hope to be back at it. I just got a comment that I should rethink my position. What position that I pay the price every day w/ my condition and I need to rethink having her w/ me. can you believe it! thank you for reading.

      • I'm taking a nap Says:

        Good heavens, what in the world are peope thinking when they say things like that? It’s like saying to “get over” or “rethink” having cancer! People truly don’t think before they speak.

  2. mary may Says:

    If you were with a friend did you really need your dog? I don’t get it?????

    People freak out when animals are in eating establishments it appears dirty so the restaurant was probably trying to do the right thing.

    You should just always have the vest on the dog and no questions are asked.

    Hmmmm I think you might want to rethink your position.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      Rethink my position not sure how come??? My dog is licensed, tagged and vested. She has been working for me for many many years. No one even knows I have her she is so quiet and well mannered. I guess people who aren’t disabled 24/7 wouldn’t understand. My friend isn’t with me 24/7 my service dog is.

      Under California ADA laws I am in the right and had been denied my rights.

      I ask how come this reply to my post lacks your support.

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