Hayliegh’ sWorld

We are home.

After a week of dog sitting it is nice to come home.   I am grateful that Jo and Jim are in my life.  I met them at a gym where I used to work out.  After getting to know then they asked me if I would house and dog sit.  We said “yes” as we have had many house and dog/cat sitting jobs over the  years.  Helping people feel comfortable about leaving town is a gift It means  they have to trust someone someone like me.  And when they trust me to watch over their home and furry family members (animals), it feels good.


Meet the girls Daisy is the black and white and Cindy is the red and white.


The two dogs we watch are Cindy and Daisy they are the cuties and sweetest dogs. They see me as the dog walker, so what does that mean?  It means that they know everything and nothing can evade them. For instance when I wake the next am that I am there  and I don’t take them out for a walk,  Cindy will look at me with her head hanging low and her eyes rolled up in the air while she is looking at me like “where is our walk.”  I say “okay girls, who wants a walk” and the girls go crazily happy.


When Hayliegh starts barking it is that time of day after dinner the dinner hour it is the beginning of “wessert time” and the girls nkow what she is saying.  Cindy starts to bark and Daisy comes running down the hall because she knows “I am getting something good!”

We also water the flowers. 

It is nice to be trusted trust is a powerful word

Trust: 1: reliance on another  2: assured hope. 4: properly help or managed in behalf of another …..something entrusted. The list goes on.

Trust is a gift and the gift isn’t meant to be broken.  It doesn’t mean perfection, but it does mean I am trustworthy kind of like our good name. I hold it in great esteem.

Welcome home my friends

Hayliegh sends a WOOF over to the girls.


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