under an umbrella

Recently I had an appointment w/ a health professional she came out to interview me.  We will call her X .  X stayed for an hour and a half asking me all kinds of questions about my health condition, my past and basically my history the ups and the downs.  I shared w/ her that I think my doctors hands are tied because the insurance company doesn’t want to spend the money on me due to my CFID and Fibromyalgia.  X said that I call the doctors a lot because of different health complaints. She said I am under what its called “under an umbrella” that means since I have CFID and the body attacks itself that the doctors are to treat my symptoms. Big QUESTION when do I come out from under the UMBRELLA?

A recent example I kept having some chest discomfort and I was repeatedly put on inhalers that made me feel worse this went on for yrs until the doctors finally sent me to the GI doctor.  The GI doctor found a health condition that I am being treated for, so in the mean time I had to suffer.

I am having repeated acute stabbing pain in my appendix area and my stomach swells so big that it puts pressure on my me because my stomach is flat.  I cannot move, sit, walk or lie down the pain is horrendous.

When I go to the hospital the doctor thinks I may have a ruptured appendix.  I am put on Moraphine and a Cat Scan is taken and nothing is there.  This is starting to become more frequent and at times will act up a few times a week.  I keep being told to take Donnatol for IBS and I still had a flair.  I am tired of hospitals and ambulance co pays they all add up.  because I am “under an umbrella” I am not being sent to a GI doctor. Could it be from the CFID or is there something happening to me that warrants the care of a specialist?

Aren’t we all flowers under an UMBRELLA


One Response to “under an umbrella”

  1. Debbie Dionne Says:

    Kimberly, you make a great point. I do believe that there comes a time that the insurance companies get tired of paying for our treatment and won’t send us to see “another”, or appropriate doctor, such as the GI in your case, just to save the money, paperwork and hassle. It’s a shame. I’m sorry you keep having to deal with this. I know you don’t deserve it. Big Hugs to you and Hayleigh.

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