Hayliegh’s World

Acknowledging the truth in-order to get past it.

Today we hung to a “What can we do”.  This seems to be hard one for me as this CFID can be mind altering at best. No one would know that Monday I was in excruciating pain in my stomach mimicking an appendicitis attack and then spent the next three days completely house bound due to severe exhaustion known as CFID. I am struggling to except my limitation even after all these yrs. I seem to get a taste of what used to feel good and then have to face surrender once again.  I recently started to bike again I can only do 8 miles these days quite humbling at best. Occasionally it is a couple times a week and then three weeks when I am not able to even get close to my bike.  Truthfully it makes me sad. It is okay to acknowledge the truth it is the only way through.

The star of the day Annette and Henry below

Here is what happened as we were cruising around the lake we met a kind woman named Annette she weighed heavy on my mind because here she was using a walker walking w/ her dog.  I said to myself  “I have to share w/ her how much I admired her for being out walking/moving. It reminded me of many people I know who are on walkers and don’t move at all.  I thought “Go girl!”  Hayliegh and I had to stop to meet her and her lovely friend Henry.  He was a charming and sweet dog Hayliegh really liked him.  Could you see why? Annette  is having to deal w/ health issue like Fibromyalgia and nerve damage.  She also worked her whole life and is dealing w/ a disabling disease  after working her whole life.  I admire the fact that she is going to school to even though she is in lots of pain.

Oh sweet Henry!

In sharing this it isn’t to say I should be lucky because I could get on a bike today and she isn’t.  There are many days I need a walker and wish I had one to use.  We can not compare an-others pain to someone else. Everyone’s pain is there own experience not to be minimized by anyone.  If someone stubs their toe and that is the worst they ever felt is that to be compared and minimsed because soemone has something worse?

A few photos of Hayliegh one thing she loves to do is dip her face into her treat bag.

peaking out the back of her wheels

Today she kept barking because she wanted run along the trailer while we cruised.  The LDN is working great that bum knee is really feeling better.  Lately she has even started walking more.  I love you Hayliegh


3 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. ellen goodman Says:

    Thanks, Kim. I really enjoyed this post.
    Love, Ellen

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Ellen thank you for reading the post. Thinking about you my friend.

  3. JT Says:

    Hi Kimberly and Hayliegh!

    Great to see you are still hanging on one day at a time. Chauncey and I are doing the same.

    Chauncey is doing pretty well for all he’s gone through. He is a much happier dog. After thinking I was going to lose him again, he has proven that he is very strong. I’m exhausted as usual.

    We need to talk one of these days!

    Hugs to you and Hayleigh! ~ Julie and Chauncey

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