Hayliegh’s World

Lets face it an aging service dog and an owner that will go to any length to keep us together.  I have posted that Hayliegh has a bum knee and cancer.  Her faculties are still working and so is her plumbing. She has not ever been alone and her and I are like two “peas in a pod.”

What I have done since last Oct of 2010 is stay home w/ her if I had to shop I tried to hold her as much as I could.  My arms, hands and back would start to ache.  I gave her and I our pain meds, so we could both feel a little less discomfort.  Her walks have really shortened not because she doesn’t want to it it is the bum knee and maybe the cancer at times. I stopped going out even to the gym or hiking the mountain.  I resorted to my Pilates Machine and started spinning on my road bike on the patio.  Well slowly but surely I was spinning in to a depression not getting  out, you know what I mean!  My thoughts were, she has been there for me and it is my turn to be there for her.

I started praying about this situation and started looking at a way to get out and do life with her. After lots of research we found the “Burley Tail Wagon” its function is two in one stroller/trailer.  This means I can adjust it to push her while she sits in it and I can hook her up to my bike and pull her.  It is great I can use it as a grocery cart because there is enough room even w/ her in it.

Today we made history!  I did not think I could hook this thing up to my bike, so I said God help me.  I was led the computer and the Burley site   “how to hook up the bike and trailer” video it was so simple and easy.  Even better I worked out on my Pilates machine and Hayliegh and I rode to lake Murray. I opened  the canvas and let Hayliegh ride the wind we rode around the lake twice!  I know I will pay for it, I am just going to have to remember it was worth it.

I can’t believe that I used to ride 175 to 300 miles a week for many years.


It has been a few weeks now and are cruising Lake Murray at least 3 times a week now.  Another blessing is I have dropped a about a half to full size and it feels good.  The sun is shining on us, the cool breeze and the wind blowing by feels like heaven.  We have some photos of our adventure.

What a way to cruise

We have met up w/ a handful of people recently w/ Firbromyalgia whiel out and about.  Everyone comments on Hayliegh’s new Burley stroller they like the idea that we have figured out a way to get out and be together and enjoy life.  Today a very nice woman shared w/ us her Fibro story and her Bishon little dog and how the dog seems to connect w/ her when she is having certain flare ups. I share w/ her that her dog maybe showing her ceratin behaviors and she just doesn’t know to look for them.  We gave her our card “The Hayliegh Project” and hope to hear from her soon.  We met two women yesterday that have Fibro and handed out our card.  I hope we can help the w/ resourses that they may need.

he gift is we are together and lived life today YYYAAA!!!


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