Hayliegh’s World

Lets face it an aging service dog and an owner that will go to any length to keep us together.  I have posted that Hayliegh has a bum knee and cancer.  Her faculties are still working and so is her plumbing. She has not ever been alone and her and I are like two “peas in a pod.”

What I have done since last Oct of 2010 is stay home w/ her if I had to shop I tried to hold her as much as I could.  My arms, hands and back would start to ache.  I gave her and I our pain meds, so we could both feel a little less discomfort.  Her walks have really shortened not because she doesn’t want to it it is the bum knee and maybe the cancer at times. I stopped going out even to the gym or hiking the mountain.  I resorted to my Pilates Machine and started spinning on my road bike on the patio.  Well slowly but surely I was spinning in to a depression not getting  out, you know what I mean!  My thoughts were, she has been there for me and it is my turn to be there for her.

I started praying about this situation and started looking at a way to get out and do life with her. After lots of research we found the “Burley Tail Wagon” its function is two in one stroller/trailer.  This means I can adjust it to push her while she sits in it and I can hook her up to my bike and pull her.  It is great I can use it as a grocery cart because there is enough room even w/ her in it.

Today we made history!  I did not think I could hook this thing up to my bike, so I said God help me.  I was led the computer and the Burley site   “how to hook up the bike and trailer” video it was so simple and easy.  Even better I worked out on my Pilates machine and Hayliegh and I rode to lake Murray. I opened  the canvas and let Hayliegh ride the wind we rode around the lake twice!  I know I will pay for it, I am just going to have to remember it was worth it.

I can’t believe that I used to ride 175 to 300 miles a week for many years.

The gift is we are together and lived life today YYYAAA!!!


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