Hayliegh’s World

Hayliegh and I help a woman watch her dog “Gilbert” while she left town.  We have been on sabatacle as we didn’t have the access to go on line, three weeks feels like forever in this day and age.

who names their dog “Gilbert?”  Well this little Gilbert has a deep soul running through him. I was told he was tossed out of a car while was turning a corner.  What living soul can live with themselves after doing such a horrible act.

While Hayliegh and I watched over him we were told he probably won’t like treats.  During those 2o plus days and spending time w/ us he soon was looking forward to my healthy flourless oatmeal pancakes just like Hayliegh, he loved, loved, loved the cooked beef liver & the cow tripe well, I think he was feeling a bit of heaven on earth!  “I became Gilberts new  best friend.”

If I got up to do anything and he was napping he knew because there he would be right there watching me.  He would sit up on the couch by my shoulder just to be close to me. When I would get up  in the am he would roll in the sheets I slept in.  Boy did her like our walks Hayliegh stood in her stroller and Gilbert was perfectly fine leaving his mark on every plant  he could get by.

I heard this loyal little guy helped console his owner while her husband passed and he has through and watched his owner while she battled cancer.

We  were sad to have to say goodbye to Gilbert, but our time was over and we had to go home.


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