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A person cannot be evicted or denied a residence if they are disabled and have a service dog.  If  you are denied housing, or evicted refer to an ADA attorney and/or a Civil attorney.  I am not an attorney I only suggest as I have been the victim of discrimination due to my hidden disabilities.  REMEMBER it is a crime to falsify the use of a service dog.

I work hard! I get lots of breaks, treats and 24/7 love!

Service dogs 

I have found out that legally a
disabled person does not have to receive a Dog from a formal program such as
CCI.  There are web sites where you can
look for licensed and trained service dogs like Canine companions: www.cci.org.
They are located throughout the United States.  The fact that you license your animal and it
helps you is enough.

There is a huge debate on whether a dog
should be tagged, licensed, vested and have training.  There
are some professionals in the service dog industry that feel that service dogs should have to be licensed, and mandatory training and there are some that feel people should do all the above.

Problem is not everyone can afford to pay for those services not to mention if ou go through a big organization it is costly and may take years.

I witness many people who claim their dog is service animal and it doesn’t have any edict training or people who have and want to take advantage, so they can have their dog w/ them.

We did go through obedience training
and a special service dog course, so that we would look and act appropriately in public.  I also thought, I should because I  have hidden disabilities.  The dog school we went to was Cape-Able Canines www.cape-ablecanines.com  which is located in San Diego/La Mesa.

I remember being at a restaurant one night
and the manager was upset with me bringing my dog in and I quickly responded that
she is licensed and trained to be with me.
I showed him my license and he said okay having had a reasonable
explanation for his denial.  He said that
a woman came in with her small dog insisted it was her service dog.  The dog proceeded to upset the costumers by barking
which is a disruptive behavior and should no affect the patrons who were trying to
enjoy their meal.  The manager caught me on the way out and said “I wouldn’t have even known you had a dog, she was so quite”  I smile thanked him for the great food.

One class I checked out was a two-year program which I will leave unnamed the woman running it said it would be a two year training program for me and my dog.  It would be two Saturdays a month.  I can shared that I cannot commit to that due to my health.  Here is the real kicker she expected you to pay her if you couldn’t make it to the class.  Even bigger kicker she was disabled herself.  GO FIGURE!

Here is the debate many cannot afford the private training and would loose out on the benefits of having a service dog leaving only those who could afford it.

Hayliegh and I wish you joy and happiness on your service dog journey.

We can be contacted for any questions at kimberlyran777@live.com “The Hayliegh Project” helping people w/ disabilities.


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