Hayliegh’s World

I am lucky to have Hayliegh who watches over me when life gets hard.

I have been laid up since last Thursday the disease attaching my stomach for 12 hours at a time and a fever.  Afterwards I am exhausted from the horrific pain that I can barely stand up or eat.  Having Hayliegh gives me love in my life, I get kisses and all her big love to carry me through the day.  She lies there and watches over me.  When I have to crawl to get medicine she looks at me w/ care in her heart.

My internist said to take donnatal and/or the emergency.  The donnatal doesn’t work I took two recently and took two percocets and I still couldn’t move for hours.  I keep putting emergency off for two reasons the medical co-pays & who could I trust to watch Hayliegh.  Instead I lie on the floor asking God to help me.  Yesterday was 12 hours straight I couldn’t get to my kitchen to get medication.

Part of my hesitancy for going to the hospital is Hayliegh she can go w/ me, but if I needed to stay the night or have surgery I would need someone to watch my service dog.  It is hard as she is high maintenance. I am happy to say that I found help w/ her.  My dear friends who live near by they are both retired and available to care for my girl.  There dogs are high maintenance and have special needs.

I ask God to show me what I can do and not what I cannot do that way I can keep my sanity through this ordeal.

It has been a few days now and I am still exhausted from three out of 6 days of excruciating pain.  I get frustarted as things need to get done and I am powerless to get them done today.

I am going to be accountable to call 911 and get myself to the hospital to see what is happening to me.

Watching over me.


5 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. ellen Goodman Says:

    Oh, Kim, I’m so sorry that you’ve been so sick. I keep wanting to call you but I have been very sick too with a stomach bug that has hit many people here very hard. I’ve had diarrhea for five days, though I feel a lot better now than I did a few days ago. I’ve also been very busy trying to help some very sick friends. You and Hayleigh are in my heart and I hope I get a chance to call you soon.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      Hi Ellen,
      I hope you are feeling better the flue is awful. I know your friends must appreciate all your care and support.

      I didn’t sleep through the night, so I a feeling negative and irriatable.
      The docs are trying to blame my stomach problem on the fibro and I know in my heart that it isn’t my fibro becuase two percocets don’t make it go away. They wanted to take my pain specialist away from me and send me toa fibro clinic. I went yrs a go and they sent me home because I had ducks in a row. My pain specialist said I already do everything they would want to teach me. She is bothered why no one is running more tests regarding the intermitent acute stomach pain.
      I hope you have a lovely day Ellen,
      luv u,
      K & H

  2. Robin Says:


    My prayers are with you hun. I am so glad that you did find some one to help you you dogie. She is a very very very sweet little dogie.
    I wish there was some thing that I could do to help you. I feel the same way at times even like today I have been really dizzy all day and on top all that I found out that my wallit was stolen. So today has not been my day at all.

    But any I hope that you will get well soon.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      HI Robin,

      I just was notified that i had all these messages not sure why they came this late. I am sorry your wallet was stolen did the person who took get anything like your money or credit cards and if so were you able to r put a stop before they tried? Hayliegh is holding and I am enjoying every moment and singing her love songs. Thank you for being thier.

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