Hayliegh’s World

Best girl in the neighborhood.

It all started at 7:00pm last night we went to deliver groceries at a neighbors and she invited us in.  Well, she had a doggie bowl of some gosh awful wet food for a her dog and I tried to intervene before Hayliegh got to it.  Before I say any more I need to clear and say my neighbor is a  doll and her dog is the cutest little toy schnauzer “Coco.”  Here we go, at 7:00am Hayliegh insisted we go out.  I couldn’t tell from the distance that she was struggling to go.  We went back to bed and Hayliegh went over where I was sleeping and gently put herself down.  I knew she was trying to tell me something……..?   By 9:30am the dirt hit the fan!  She could not contain herself she insisted that I take her out and I obeyed.  After a few times it was clear that she is in full diarrhea mode.  It is 10:15 am and my girl starts spuwing out a watery substance indicating that her bowels are empty and it is only acid left.   Then she starts vomiting and it is this undigested dog food from the evening before.

I called my friend Micky who had shared w/ me that Coco had the same problems  w/ vomiting and diarrhea.  I said “Micky I found the problem it is that dog food.  Don’t cringe but it was the “Cesar” wet  food for dogs.  We came to an agreement to stop the food ASAP. I wish that was the case for me and Hayliegh.  As I was holding Hayliegh to get her out and it was going all over me and the floor.  The last thing I can take is urine or bowl fowl smelling in my place NOT OKAY.   She wouldn’t even go on the patio untill I couldn’t get her out in time she then ended up lying in her own waste, I was  absolutely powerless.  I thought is this it this situation could be the end for her time to race to the veterinarian.

Our wonderful vet could tell it was a classic case of the food not agreeing w/ her and not her liver malfunctioning from her terminal health.  Hayliegh was given a shot for her loose bowels, anti diarrhea pills, anti nausea and her own probiotic. The bill would have been over a hundred dollars, but we receive a discount since she is my service dog.  I haven’t made it home yet!

By the time I got home she was a mess she smelled of waste and the leather car seats need some cleaning and I just cannot get their yet.  Anyone who knows me knows I am really into cleaning my car and when I cannot I am not feeling well.   I am exhausted, she is in the bathroom and she isn’t happy about being confined.  I had to hangout w/ her for hours so she wouldn’t bark as she is loosing her plumbing and it now has blood and going all over.  We had to ride this out.   Later in the afternoon we outside for the umph many times and Hayliegh swaggered into the ferns plopped down along w/ the cool dirt.  I lied on the walkway flattened out and surrendered.  I don’t know how long it was but I have to eventually wake her up and take her in.  Now she has bowel acid, blood, dirt, plants and gosh knows what bugs I cannot see, all the while w/ a towel on her bum.

Hayliegh passed out in the bathroom as I tried to relax while getting towels laundered not to mention my clothes.  Eventually I was able to get up and bath her in warm water and WENS hear care.  She smells beautiful, she has eaten a few tablespoons of rice w/ chicken and is sleeping on her pretty pink blanket.  Me I am grateful and tired.

“What we won’t do we do for love.”

I am grateful another day w/ the prettiest girl in town!

Hayliegh sends a big WOOF to the best Vet in town Dr tesslor.


4 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. ellen Goodman Says:

    Oh, Kim, what a wonderful post! You brought back so many memories for me. When I owned my house, as I think you know, I had two dogs and five cats. Then they all started to age. I lost my two oldest, sweetest cats, and then the dogs both got old and sick. Their names were Samwise (Sammy for short) and Pippin, and they are both named after characters in the Lord of the Ring (one of my favorite books). Sammy was a beautiful, elegant collie. Pippin was a mutt whom I took in after his owner died. He had black fur, smooth on his back but wiry on his head and tail. One ear cocked up and one ear had a tip that flopped down, so he always looked like he was a little puzzled and trying to figure out what you were saying.

    Sammy was slightly older and started to fail first. Like Hayleigh, he had lots of stomach trouble and he also had trouble walking because his hips were fragile, so he started having accidents. For some reason, Pippin too started to get diarrhea, and they both tended to pick my only good rug to vomit and spurt onto, so I spent hours on my hands and knees cleaning the carpet.

    I love your whole story, Kim, especially the ending. I am so happy that you get another day with Hayleigh.

    I am still missing Dave a lot and I’m waiting still for my new cat, who first must recover from a cough and then will have his bad leg amputated.


  2. Debbie Dionne Says:

    Oh I am so sorry you and Hayleigh had to go through this. You must have been so frightened and then so sore and tired. Not to mention how poor Hayleigh felt. I’m glad you both are cleaned up now and hope you’ve both gotten some rest. Give yourself a hug and give the little girl a big hug for me as well.

    • hiddendisabilities Says:

      I debbie, Good to hear from you. It has been a rough road. All of us fighting this disease ought to recieve a medal. Sometimes, I just don’t know how I will make it through. You and the many friends we have all made across the world fighing this condition keeps me going.

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