love love love her!

“What you won’t  do
you do for love” by Go West

is Hayliegh’s love song for today.

Today we have some information about therapy
I have run into a few people who just cannot wait to tell me how
they are going to turn their dog into a therapy dog so they can take their pet everywhere
they go.   I am also, asked a bit about
obtaining a service dog vest .  I respond
with “good luck” it is crimes to miss use this law.  It makes it difficult for
those of us who really are disabled especially with “hidden disabilities”.

Therapy Dogs
A “therapy dog” is a dog that visits patients in hospitals and other
patient oriented medical facilities and have been trained.  There is a Therapy Dogs International, Inc
(TDI) this organization helps certification and registered to volunteer as a
Therapy dog.
A therapy dog is not a Service Dog as quoted from Therapy Dog
International, Inc (TDI) “dogs do not have the same rights as an assistant dog”
for more information on therapy dog’s check this informative website




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  1. Dora Ponce Says:

    Hi, just a private comment here for yoiu. I’d seen that you’d posted way back on Ohmidog’s article about Michael Reed and his dog Topaz. Michael is now dying and his dog Topaz needs surgery. Here’s one of the links out there on it and a Chip-In. I responded with a comment on the Ohmidog’s article.!/notes/sylva-working-forthebullies/michael-topaz-are-in-dire-need-michael-is-terminally-ill-topaz-needs-life-saving/265562390136889?notif_t=note_reply

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