Hayliegh’s World

Letting them flow.  I started listening to music of love and thought of Hayliegh.  As I sat at my computer today I started to feel myself well up I just felt like I needed to cry over my beloved Hayliegh.  I sat quietly and asked God what do I  do?  I could try and be strong and hold them back and then suddenly as clear as and bright as the sun shines, I realised that tears are apart of strength.  I got up off my chair and put myself on the floor in front of Hayliegh and sobbed sharing w/ her how much she has graced my life.  She looked a deep into my soul w/ her soulful brown eyes as she gave me doggie kisses.

I have decided that I will spend everyday singing love songs to her.  The beautiful thing is she doesn’t care that I cannot sing she just loves that I love her.

Today we choose Train “marry me” it happened to be one of the many songs that touched my soul.  I will be singing songs from Seal, Leanne Womack “I hope you dance”, Van Morrison “someone like you”, and all the other songs I own.

We are checking into a harness, so that I can aid Hayliegh w/ her daily life.  The doggie wheelchair may not be worth the cost due to her failing health.  they run 300. plus.  I appreciated the sales man I spoke w/ today he honest about my dogs condition and didn’t if spending the $ for her would be worth spending.  I appreciated his honesty instead of just trying to sell me a product.   I have put a call out to my vet and will discuss what she thinks tomorrow.

Woof rest now.


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