Hayliegh’s World

I am having to admit that Hayliegh isn’t able to get around as she once did.  I am accepting of life , the change in her and her ability to do as she once did.  Problem is, I did not train her to ever be alone and I feel bad about that.  I shared this w/ my vet and he said “Kim if I could have my dog w/ me 24/7 I would have done the same.”  Okay, I don’t have to feel guilty, but I do feel frustrated that I didn’t train her to stay home for an hour or two, so I could get things done.

At this point I have been carrying her and she gets heavy after a few minutes.  Having nerve damage, fibro and arthritis it gets hard.  I have thought about a child stroller, but how do I use a child stroller and shop for food?  Plus she isn’t going to like the stroller I just know her.   I do have a neighbor Jeanine who has helped a little in the past.  She is usually home all day and enjoys the company.  I don’t want to feel like I am taking  advantage of her.  I have offered to pay or give her something and she absolutely doesn’t want me to.  Maybe since I help lots of people it is Gods way of giving back to me?

I do know I will train the next pup that God blesses me w/.

When I look at her I see so much love, I see how tired she is.  Today as I have done in the past is if she is on the couch or floor I go right up to her hold her or look into her eyes and share w/ her how much I love her.  If I am repeating myself I guess love is redundant.

Hayliegh says take it easy and be gentle on your self.  WOOF!

I am happily exhausted!


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2 Responses to “Hayliegh’s World”

  1. Ellen Goodman Says:

    Kim, I think it’s really fine to leave Hayleigh at home alone while you do things. I think she will just rest and sleep. Why don’t you try leaving her for an hour and then come home and see how she is? I have always left dogs alone when i went to work, and they are fine with it. They need more sleep than we do, especially when the get older. I don’t Hayleigh will mind at all.

  2. hiddendisabilities Says:

    Hi Ellen,

    I may try agian to leave her for a few. When I tried a couple of yrs ago she barked the whole time and my nieghbors complained. Being that she is a senoir now and tired she may just sleep. I know when she naps she wakes up and comes to look for me.
    Love, K & H

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