Hayliegh’s world

well my little Boo and I are up and we both are hurting on the left side of our body hhhmmmm? Two peas in a pod.

How does Hayliegh know when I take her pain medications out?  My medications are right next to hers.  I shake them and they sound the same depending on the size of pills as mine do.  Isn’t it miraculous how are pets know so much more than we do.

I need to get back to the shopping cart post issue.  I was thinking the bacteria from kids sitting on the shopping cart seats has to be dirtier then my dog.  What about the bacteria we cannot see on the cart like fecal, urine and salmonella.  The blood dripping from meat that some people don’t put in bags all of it is disgusting.

I spoke w/ the ADA and the Q of whether a dog can sit in the seat of a basket is vague it if affects the health or safety.  Again if she is my service dog I am allowed access to any public place.  waiting for the health department to call will update w/ that later.


2) On April 13, 2011 at 9:44 pm Hiddendisabilities [0] said:
I have had my service dog for 11 1/2 yrs now. She is terminal and still wants to be w/ me and me w/ her. She is having some pain and I would still like her to be near where ever we go. After calling the ADA and asking them can I take her into the store and put her in the cart. They didn’t say no it was vague I can’t be denied having access w/ my service dog. Also vague in terms of if being a health and safety issue.

Health wise: babies and kids leave more germs then my dog would leave.
I see people all the time w/ a little dog in the seat my dog is a small cocker and I put her in the cart and was told no I then inquired about the people who put their smaller dogs who get to sit in the seats. The store employee said that people put a blanket or towel down on the seat. I said great that is whatI  will do for my service dog.
It would like saying to a heavy person they cannot sit in a certain seat because they are to big.
discrimination issue.
Is it YES or NO
So is this a yes or no question.

(1) On December 13, 2009 at 9:19 pm Brson [0] said:

The subject is controversial however the answer given is inadequate of placement of a small service dog in the child seat of a shopping cart. Certain service dogs are trained to detect onset symptoms of seizures and other disorders triggering them to signal the patient/handler to take medication. This communication is difficult or impossible if the animal is “at heel” in a market. A diligent handler will make sure the animal is under direct supervision at all times, which also optimizes communications focusing away from undue distraction to the animal.
Service animals, in my experience are kept in cleanest, pristine condition and are actually much more sanitary than bacteria infested babies contaminating the cart for every subsequent shopper.
Larry Berosa, MD, PhD

Hayliegh woofs to be gentle w/ to our fellow people.


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  1. Kimberly Ryan Says:

    Larry Berosa MD, PhD. How come you are putting my name on my work? I understand re-blogging. I don’t understand your name at bottom of my page?
    Re-blogging can help generate more responses and if that is so I appreciate your re-blogging. Can you share how come you re-blogged, so I can understand the reason and process.

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