Hayliegh’s world

We asked God what are we going to do today?   After our spiritual reading and getting centered we have decided to honor my good old tiredness.  I am having pain and pressure in my chest.  I know it is just the disease and it will lift soon.  We have decided to just get THINGS done.  There are important phone calls to make, people in need of a listening and compassionate ear.  I have important mail to go out and we are helping a friend get to a meeting tonight.

One of the many gifts I have learned from Hayliegh is she has a “good heart” and “kind soul”, and she knows when to stand up for her self.  She doesn’t take any slack  from another dog.  What I have learned from her is I think I am a pretty nice person to a fault which equaled for me not standing up for myself.  I confused asserting myself w/ aggression.  When in fact I know now that asserting myself is my right as a human.

I have taught Hayliegh by touch, voice and sign language that she is a “smart girl” and “good heart.”  I love her so!

taking in the neighborhood


2 Responses to “Hayliegh’s world”

  1. Ellen Goodman Says:

    Right on, Kim!

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